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Chicago Center for Green Technology, Chicago, IL

LEED Platinum


LEED Platinum

CCGT's building and campus are open for visitors to explore and to learn how green buildings are good for people and good for the environment. Visitors leave knowing how to incorporate environmentally friendly, cost saving features into their homes or businesses. (larger image)

The city of Chicago is by now as well known for its green initiatives as it is for its famous moniker, "The Windy City" (well, almost). It seems fitting then that a renovation and expansion of the Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT) was selected as the location for the USGBC's Greenbuild 2007 "Legacy Project"—described as a living museum of a LEED-CI project and a resource for green residential and commercial architecture.

Originally, the CCGT was the third building in the United States to be designed according to the LEED-NC 1.0 rating. This renovation project, designed by TKA + Partners, incorporates certified, recycled, reused, regenerative, and low-emitting materials in both its finish and construction. TKA + Partners also managed to creatively reuse and recycle materials from the existing space in an effort to save resources and responsibly manage the budget and time line.

As a living museum of LEED-CI initiatives, the project has been registered for Platinum LEED certification, and addresses all aspects of the LEED-CI rating system, including:

  • Sustainable Sites (SS). The existing CCGT achieved a Platinum rating through LEED-NC v. 1.0. The building is located within walking distance of CTA transportation, giving building users an alternative to vehicle use, with
    preferred parking spaces for hybrid vehicles and carpools as well.
  • Water Efficiency (WE). Water use reduction processes were already in place under NC Platinum certification requirements, which achieve a 30 percent savings in efficiency.
  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA). The project exceeds the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1 standard for minimum energy performance, and the existing and new HVAC&R systems use zero CFC-based refrigerants. Daylight-responsive controls were installed in all regularly-occupied spaces, within 15 feet of windows. Green power is currently purchased at the site through the Chicago Department of General Services.
  • Materials and Resources (MR). As a city of Chicago code requirement, 98 percent of construction waste management was diverted from landfill. All existing furniture and furnishings were salvaged, refurbished or reused in the city furniture recycling program, and all new furniture was selected from GREENGUARD-certified selections.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ). Permanent monitoring and alarm systems that provide feedback on ventilation system performance were installed. In order to reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants, adhesives and sealants with low- or no-VOC content have been specified and utilized.
  • Innovation and Design Process (ID). Visitor education is currently provided under NC Platinum certification requirements. Green housekeeping and pest management is also provided under these requirements.
  • Reuse. The original building materials and construct were reused to extend the life-cycle of the existing building stock, conserve resources, reduce waste, and reduce environmental impacts of new construction with respect to materials and transport.

The facility's Green Building Resource Center also features a small library that includes green product samples. (larger image)