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NY's GROHE Live! Center Features New Experiential Restroom Installations

Ghislaine Viñas and Slade Architecture develop groundbreaking concepts.


Ghislaine Viñas and Slade Architecture develop groundbreaking concepts.

Aside from women traveling to the bathroom in packs, the bathroom is not typically a space that’s attractive for hanging around. It’s a purposeful environment—and two top design firms have conspired to change that.

Working in response to an invitation from Paul Flowers, GROHE’s global senior vice president of design, Ghislaine Viñas and Slade Architecture created full-scale, forward-looking installations that are currently on view at the GROHE Live! Center in New York.

While they look different at first glance, both concepts share a similar point of view. The traditionally neutral bathroom space can be much more. As the theme of the exhibition is aptly named, it can be an environment for "Experiential Living."

Ghislaine designed a space that is both jarring and exciting because it offers a completely new restroom experience. Her choices were influenced by her personal story as a Dutch-born, South African-raised designer. She pulls in bright Delft blue and patterns from Africa. She says the concept is a reflection of how lucky we all are to have running water. Creating an environment that is so personal shows a shift in thinking. The bathroom is a “me” space, which can allow its user to truly relax and recharge there.

Slade’s space is decidedly more minimal. They built out a dark room that has a large white wall with a circular hole where a video plays. The rest of the space is made futuristic with some of GROHE’s prototypes that allow you to turn on a sink or shower from anywhere in the room. The video (the focal point of the room) is designed to be an abstract view of nature with a rolling sky and sequined flowers floating in moving water. They enjoy the irony of using technology to solve a problem created by technology—daily stress—and turned its bathroom design into a retreat.

These installations are up through July.