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Nestle from Stylex


Nestle from Stylex

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Stylex has teamed with designer Brad Ascalon for its latest seating release at: Nestle. This timeless bucket seat offers a broad range of base options, leveraging the sleek design’s universal appeal and allowing it to fill many different functions: breakout areas, formal offices, work lounge environments, and more.

Nestle is designed to be adaptable. It works well for informal dining, formal executive offices, or any area in-between. Base options include: cantilevered sled frame, traditional sled frame, wood leg, fixed four-blade base with swivel return, and five-blade base on casters with height adjustment.

Nestle’s form is both inspiring and highly adaptive, and its engineering is equally impressive. Stylex’s expertise in ergonomic seating gives the chair an edge—cleverly inserted lumbar support adds comfort without detracting from its streamlined aesthetic. The Nestle shell and seat incorporate highly resilient molded foam to ensure not only great comfort but also long product lifecycle.