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Xueting Wu

Interior Design Major, Boston Architectural College


Concept Statement:

With the advancement of technology, more and more electronics come into our life. Considering a fast and affective way to help consumers, we should also understand people crave to be in the natural environment. For the new retail experience, technology merges with the natural elements to give a memorable experience for their clients. The proposed design is for a Nike running shoe store, to be built on lot No. 169, 10th Avenue in New York City. The site is currently a parking lot, and the High Line Park is to the west of it. The new retail space and adjoining gym are connected by a 300-meter track. Virtual technology will simulate nature in the specialized flooring. It will show footprints when people step on the LED flooring. The self try-on machine will help consumers select correct sizes and process orders immediately. Customers can customize their own shoes. The water curtain displays different patterns or the NIKE logo, giving a more natural sense to customers. Touch screens are recessed into the climbing wall for getting the information about any running shoe. Also Nike logos are recessed on the wall, outside are solar panels and inside are shelves for display. Otherwise, customers can feel the different kinds of textured ground, such as grass, stone, and sand when they are trying on the new shoes. Treadmill areas are surrounded by full screens, which provide the experience of running in nature.

View Xueting Wu's Concept and Inspiration poster