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Serous Bar Stool by


I'm the Serous Bar Stool from, and I've been a bit of viral celebrity as of late. Learn my full story inside.

What was your first big break? 
I was something of an overnight celebrity, going viral on design blogs once I introduced myself to the world. It all happened so fast—I was still deciding what color to wear that day!

Who are you wearing right now? 
This is my gloss red suit designed by Michael Stolworthy. It shows best in modern bars and lounges with killer lighting. 

What other options do you keep in your closet? 
I actually come in a few versions that all depend on my mood. If I’m feeling sporty, I’ll wear my solid resin outfit in red, black, or white. If it’s a clubbing sort of night, I’ll go with my hand-polished aluminum look.

Where was the last place the paparazzi photographed you? 
They caught me red-handed a couple of times in Las Vegas’s downtown art district. Oh yeah, and there was that time at my friend’s boutique shop when I was just hanging out by the window, trying to be inconspicuous. I didn’t realize I was such a target.

Who are some of your biggest idols and influencers? 
I’d have to say organic forms found in nature, skeletal structures, and how fluids respond to gravity all played a part in my development.

What’s your favorite design genre? 
You could call it “high-tech modern.” It’s essentially anything that fuses new design technology with age-old fabrication methods.

What’s your biggest turn-on? 
Clean, bright spaces with great art pieces.

Copycats—I’m proud to be a one of a kind.

What’s your next starring role? 
It all just depends on where my manager and agent tell me to go. I might be at the next International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City, or I may get the call to travel to Germany for the IMM Cologne show.

What’s the worst part about fame? 
Being treated like an object. It’s seldom that people realize all the hard work you have put in to get where you are.