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Configura Opens New CET Designer Marketplace

Virtual site is a “design center” for manufacturers and designers.


Virtual site is a “design center” for manufacturers and designers.

Configura's new CET Designer Markeplace

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN – Configura has opened a new online marketplace where manufacturers can publish and market their CET Designer Extensions and Catalogues to interior designers who use CET Designer, Configura’s space-planning software.

Like a bricks-and-mortar market that might have multiple vendors and myriad shoppers, Configura’s online marketplace provides a virtual space where manufacturers of office furniture, kitchen and bath and other products – and the designers who specify these products – can meet as sellers and buyers.

“Marketplace is the hub for everyone and everything related to CET Designer,” Configura CEO Johan Lyreborn said. “And, it’s designed to grow. We’ve created a system and user interface that can handle a huge amount of products. This is a great opportunity for manufacturers and designers.”

Marketplace is open to all manufacturers that have or want their products in CET Designer, offering incredible product exposure to potentially thousands of interior designers around the world. Manufacturers can control who has access to their CET Designer Extensions and Catalogues.

Extensions and Catalogues are among the solutions that Configura offers to the contract furniture, kitchen and bath, industrial machinery and material handling industries. Extensions and Catalogues work in conjunction with CET Designer. Catalogues, which Configura launched in November 2013, is a fast-track way for manufacturers to get their products into CET Designer.

Interior designers benefit from one easy-to-use online location to browse, buy and manage their licenses for CET Designer Extensions and Catalogues. The Marketplace experience is customized. Each user has a personal CET Designer page; from this page, a user can easily install, uninstall and manage licenses.

“Marketplace is easy for users to navigate and find exactly what they’re looking for. Users can search for specific product lines, and can use filters and key words to refine searches. Plus, we’ve added a feature which highlights the manufacturers that a specific user might be interested in,” Configura Communications Manager Jon Lindholm said.