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PPG Pittsburgh Paints Color Trends for 2014

The Book of Now features five new color forecasts inspired by evolving tech and new adventures


The Book of Now features five new color forecasts inspired by evolving tech and new adventures.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints has released “The Book of Now,” featuring its 2014 commercial color trends, as part of the company’s The Voice of Color Program. The key trend colors for the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand are presented in palette cards that offer color opportunities for all design elements in a space, from paint, window treatments and decor to flooring and fabric. The themes of 2014 are a result of careful research into the trends most relevant to current design cycles.

The five new “Book of Now” trend stories in The Voice of Color program for 2014 include:

Everyday Hero
Collectively, this palette exudes modesty, humility, simplicity, and integrity. The slightly faded look of some of the shades suggest an easy, laid back spirit, while the more vibrant shades add energy and optimism. Denim blues convey comfort and a low-key approach to life, the earthy terracotta tones represent an interest in the handmade and khaki and grey together serve as tranquil neutrals.

The color palette is mellow and unfussy, relying on softly desaturated hues in casual combinations. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors in this palette are Ginger Root (224-6), Ship’s Harbor (349-5), Kaleidoscope (449-4), Brass Mesh (214-6), Chaps (321-6), Cream Puff (522-1), Light Sage (409-4), Distant Thunder (506-5) and Toy Tank Green (410-6).

This palette is all about contrasting ideas. Fleshy, delicate pinks suggest fragility, femininity, and tenderness. Darkened red and purple shades, especially when paired with black, suggest strength, mystery, and drama. The ‘80s brights—magenta, fuchsia, and teal—are loud, energetic, intense, whimsical, and spontaneous. Piling all these contrasts together, the Elusion theme is designed for personalities that are fantastical, larger than life, and live for embellishment.

Intense fuchsia and bluish mint add an energetic pop creating a fairytale for grown-ups. PPG Pittsburgh Paints in this palette are Aquamarine (155-5), Fond Memory (527-4), French Riviera (225-7), Gooseberry (536-7), Hot Pink Kiss (136-7), Magic Spell (444-7), Imperial Purple (344-7), Gypsum (520-1), Spice Cookie (328-2), Rose Marquis (136-6) and Black Magic (518-7).

Artful Expression
This palette is full of lively, saturated brights representing the full spectrum of color. Blues and greens lean towards Caribbean hues, symbolizing a sense of freedom. Reds and purples lean into darker tones, adding sophistication and a touch of the exotic. The yellow chosen is a perfectly sunny shade, representing eternal optimism and warmth. The orange-red hues are melon and spice hues, suggesting abundance and openness to new experiences.

The diversity and balance add visual expression and create a lively energy, carefree and spirited space. PPG Pittsburgh Paints in this palette are Blue Paisley (252-6), Bristle Grass (106-7), Cinnamon Stone (129-7), Copper Kettle (226-5), Delta Clay (127-7), Magenta (336-7), Newport Blue (150-6), Popcorn Ball (527-1), Purple Cabbage (437-7), Willow Herb (210-6) and Indian Maize (212-5).

Discreet Luxury
This palette is comprised of many shades of brown in varying saturations and tonalities. As browns represent stability and groundedness, the plethora of shades of this color help symbolize the “discreet” side of this theme. The additional tones of faded black, deep red, pinkish grey, and warm metallic hues add refinement, sophistication, elegance, and charm.

The mood of this palette is conveyed by pairing rich, sumptuous reddish-browns with rich blues and pale blues and grays. PPG Pittsburgh Paints in this palette include Black Walnut (532-7), Bristlecone (523-5), Carob Chip (537-7), Gold Buff (215-4), Hunt Club Red (ATC-4), Linen Ruffle (526-1), Stonehenge Greige (515-5), Copper Beech (327-6), Blue Fjord (448-6), Blue Beard (546-4) and Warm Mahogany (430-7).

Modern Is Tech
This palette uses whites, blacks, and greys to convey seriousness, sophistication, maturity, sterility, neutrality, future-forwardness, cleanliness, and focus. The almost-primary shades of red, yellow, and blue together add energy, balance, straight-forwardness, power, and optimism. The single cosmetic-peach shade has a fleshy undertone, and symbolizes the importance of warmth and humanity in an otherwise technologically-charged theme.

The color palette creates an unexpected sophistication with the clean, strict line and sleek silhouettes. PPG Pittsburgh Paints in this palette are Yosemite Trailhead (ATC-12), Dragonfly (348-7), Cavalry (549-7), Atrium White (523-1), Sun Shower (114-5), Silver Sword (507-3) and Red Gumball (233-7).