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KI Hosts Healthcare Forum at NYSID

Designers, educators, students and faculty discuss evidence-based design.


Designers, educators, students and faculty discuss evidence-based design.

KI presenters

left to right: Ellen Fisher (vice president of academic affairs, NYSID), Ellen Taylor, Jocelyn Stroupe, Deborah Breunig

KI recently hosted a discussion on evidence-based design (EBD) with designers, educators, students and faculty at the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). The healthcare forum provided an insightful overview of EBD and how it continues to shape and drive the design of today’s healthcare environments. Panelists included:

Deborah Breunig, RN, BSN, MBA, EDAC, vice president, healthcare, KI—Breunig shared insight from the furniture manufacturer’s perspective and identified how EBD is integrated into the design and development of healthcare furniture solutions.

• Ellen Taylor, AIA, MBA, EDAC, director of Pebble Projects, the Center for Health Design—Taylor provided an overview of the history of EBD, along with the role the Center for Health Design has in supporting research and serving as an industry resource.

• Jocelyn Stroupe, AAHID, IIDA, ASID, EDAC, principal/director of Healthcare Interiors, Cannon Design—Stroupe highlighted Cannon Design’s initiatives and practice as it related to EBD, citing case studies that have provided invaluable support to the ongoing efforts to support positive outcomes in the built environment.  

“Students in the field of architecture and design are the future leaders in the direction of the built environment,” says Breunig. “It is critical that we engage the faculty and students early in the educational process to understand the concepts and value of evidence-based design. KI is proud to support the ongoing mission to bring thought leaders to our academic facilities to collaborate and share insight into this important component of healthcare interior design.”