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Artek Launches

New e-commerce site offering furniture, lighting, abc Collection and more.


New e-commerce site offering furniture, lighting, abc Collection and more.

Artek has announced the launch of their first e-commerce website servicing the United States.

Since the launch of the U.S. showroom and office in March 2010, Artek has worked to consistently offer outstanding customer service, establish a U..S warehouse and invest in stock to establish a quick-ship program servicing the North American market. Their sales structure has grown through new dealer networks and representatives supporting the dealers on a local level.

Through the purchase of the Tapiovaara collection in 2011, Artek has extensively increased its product collection and has been able to explore a wider segment of the furniture market with the different wood finishes and a variety of different stains. The recent acquisition of the Kukkapuro collection completes the portfolio of great Nordic masters. Earlier this year, Artek also launched the abc collection of accessories to offer Alvar Aalto’s designs at every price point.

After achieving these milestones, the natural step became starting a U.S. website. With, Artek offers dealers and sales representatives detailed product information tailored to the American market. The site currently shows the abc collection as well as the quick-ship assortment. It will continue to grow to eventually house the entire Artek collection, ultimately serving as a resource library and inspiration gallery.

“The aim is to increase brand awareness and bring the Artek product collection in front of a wider audience. This will lead to an increase in sales traffic for our clients and dealers. All our preferred dealers that have invested in the brand in the past are listed on our site to drive traffic to the existing stores, our long-term partners. Artek can only continue to invest and develop new products if we are successful in sales. We trust that establishing a U.S. entity and the improvements in our customer service team have helped to serve our dealers better and we appreciate your support of the brand in return,” says Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann, executive vice president of Artek USA, Inc.