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What’s Sizzling on the Design Scene this Summer


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What’s Sizzling on the Design Scene this Summer
What’s Sizzling on the Design Scene this Summer

Besides our August issue of course, let's talk about a few other things that caught our eye this season. And click below to read about one of this month's Also Seen features, an NYSID student's idea for the changing postal industry.

As early American life spread west, post offices were often the first structures built to establish new towns. Many of these historic buildings remain fixtures of community life, but as the United States Postal Service battles a $15.9 billion operational deficit, more and more outposts are being forced to shut their doors…

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If you are seeking an elegant weave look but want the maintenance ease of resilient sheet vinyl, your search is over. Presenting Lonseal's newest offering: Loneco© Linen. In addition to 50% recycled content, Loneco© Linen features a loose woven design that gives a hip, stylish touch to any interior space. It comes in four attractive neutral colors that are suitable for a range of settings including healthcare, corporate, retail and hospitality.
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Industry News

Attend Think Fabricate’s Watermelon Party TONIGHT! Attend Think Fabricate’s Watermelon Party TONIGHT!

There's nothing so quintessentially summer as a watermelon-themed happy hour—so get yourself over to Think Fabricate's Watermelon Party at 6 p.m. As you may have guessed, there will be watermelon aplenty for a refreshing end-of-day treat. 

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Jonah Ward Heats Up Glass Burning Jonah Ward Heats Up Glass Burning

The art of glass blowing has resulted in some notorious pieces from legends such as Dale Chihuly, which can be found in the most beautiful interiors throughout the world. But Jonah Ward has dared to take the material to the next level by burning it onto wooden panels. And the result is breathtaking. Watch this video below to see just how he makes it happen.

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I&S Now Accepting Submissions for Annual Top 10 LEED Projects Feature I&S Now Accepting Submissions for Annual Top 10 LEED Projects Feature

Interiors & Sources is now accepting submissions for its annual Top 10 LEED Projects feature. Each year, the editors select the best of the most recently certified projects within the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED rating system across a variety of markets, including (but not limited to): corporate interiors, healthcare, hospitality, education, government/institutional facilities, retail, and public spaces.

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Audio Concepts’ Summer Beats and Sultry Eats Audio Concepts’ Summer Beats and Sultry Eats

Hey Boston folk, summer is a great time to breath and reboot. Take a few minutes out to relax, have some grub, and meet some new design folk! Click on the link below for details on Audio Concept's Summer Beats and Sultry Eats event.

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Lazy Chair | Royal Botania
Highly visual CET Designer® helps designers to specify contract furniture. Learn more at our annual CET Designer User Conference this Oct 9-10.

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CHAT Inflatables | Imisde Design Studio

CHAT inflatables, created by Imisde Design Studio and Pablo Crespo Pita, are fun, youthful lounges that include six hooks to connect to other units. Three different customizable versions are available.

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