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Annie Aime by +tongtong

Photography by Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc.

Multidisciplinary design studio +tongtong completes a bold, layered interior for Annie Aime, the latest from parisian fashion retailer Annie Mesenge.

Multidisciplinary design studio +tongtong recently completed a bold, layered interior for Annie Aime, the latest Toronto retail space from parisian fashion retailer Annie Mesenge. Designed to be a flexible, open-concept environment that can easily be transformed into a space for art openings and other events, the interior is also one of the first to implement +tongtong’s new Les Ailes Noires series of freestanding clothing racks.

The geometric units, made of welded steel, are weighted so that they merely lean against the wall. They can be easily moved throughout the space with no fasteners required. “They’re layered into a space that is very animated,” says Principal John Tong. “Bold colors and architectural expression were needed to really capture Annie’s personality.”

Tong achieved this animation by working with artist Pascal Paquette to create an “organic, almost spontaneous” graffiti treatment that seems to drip down the walls and onto the floor—and even onto the glass storefront. “It’s quite active. It’s dynamic. It’s textural,” he says. Playing off of a strip of exposed brick left in the space by the owner, Tong also developed a low-lying stepped brick display unit down the center of the shop, as well as a floor-to-ceiling brick and wood shelving unit at the rear.