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Inside Tai Ping's Design Collective


The story behind 1956 by Tai Ping's innovative Design Collective line.

Inside Tai Ping's Design Collective

This video, from 1956 by Tai Ping, a manufacturer of custom carpets for the hospitality market, details the background and launch of the company's new Design Collective line, a collaboration featuring designs by artists from Singapore, France, and Australia.

A creative culmination of rising artists from around the world, the Design Collective explores traditional boundaries of hospitality design by incorporating innovative and expressive perspectives into the creative process. Artists include Gaëlle Villedary of France, PHUNK of Singapore (comprised of Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan, and William Chan), and an Australian artist who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Each artist adds a unique aesthetic vision to the collection, from the soft, ethereal underwater elements in Villedary's Archipelago seriesto the bold and energetic surrealistic figures in PHUNK'S Empire of Dreams and the complex linear abstractions of LOST.

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