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BK Barrit Announces ADEX Awards


Three of the company's chairs received Platinum and Gold Awards in competition.

The Baba Chair from BK Barrit

The Baba Chair from BK Barrit

BK Barrit, a custom seating and chair manufacturer based in Valley Forge, Pa., recently announced that it has been awarded the prestigious Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) in three categories.

The company’s custom Sanctuary chair, Metro Lounge and Baba Chair all received Platinum and Gold awards in the annual competition, which awards prizes to the best in furniture, fixtures and finishes marketed to the design trade.

“We all love a great looking chair but once we sit in the chair, if it’s not comfortable or does not work in the our space, that great design disappears. We strive to meet not only the form but the function of our seating,” says Bryson Kershner, president of BK Barrit.  “Winning these awards pays tribute to our 20-year focus on custom seating solutions for corporate, hospitality and retail channels.”

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