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Specifics: Hospitality

We survey designers from five notable hospitality firms to see what products they’re specifying now.

Compiled by Robert Nieminen, AnnMarie Martin and Adam Moore


We survey designers from five notable hospitality firms to see what products they’re specifying now.

We see a lot of beautiful and innovative products on a daily basis, but we don’t work with them like you do. In that spirit, we asked designers from five notable hospitality firms to pick out some of their favorite products that they’ve specified recently or are planning on using in an upcoming hospitality project. Without further adieu, here’s a rundown of the pieces and surfaces that they chose, and a sampling of spaces where you can see them in action.

Beth Anne Krynicki, Senior Designer

Large Jacquard by Missoni
Used in: The Address Hotel, Marassi, Egypt
Krynicki says she specified this colorful jacquard to make an immediate impact within guestrooms at The Address Hotel. “It’s a classic pattern, modernized by bold color—it makes a great statement within a modern Tuscan interior,” she adds.

Minaret pendants by Niche Modern
Used in: The Address Hotel, Marassi, Egypt
“The seeded glass texture combined with its arabesque modern shape worked perfectly within our Tuscan-inspired interior, merging both design and region,” Krynicki says.

Chevron Capiz Shell wallcoverings from Astek Wallcovering
Used in: The Address Hotel, Marassi, Egypt
Krynicki picked these wallcoverings because of their ability to provide a luxurious accent finish on a budget.“The subtle pattern creates a beautiful texture which not only accents a space but also becomes an art piece onto its own,” she adds.

A rendering of The Address Hotel in Marassi, showing the use of the jacquard print by Missoni Left to Right: Jacquard print by Missoni, shell wallcoverings from Astek, Chevron Capiz Shell version specified by DiLeonardo
Minaret pendants from Niche Modern take their inspiration from the slender towers that adorn Moorish architecture A rendering showing Minaret in The Address Hotel.

PageBreakWilson Associates
McCall Benda, Interior Designer

Handpainted Chinoiserie wallpaper by Gracie Studio
Used in: Sands Cotai Central, Macau, China; Venetian Macau, Macau, China
“We wanted the design of the exclusive gaming areas to embody timeless glamour, but with a contemporary edge. Being located in Macau, China, the spaces naturally allow for Chinese influences in the interior finishes,” Benda says. “The handpainted detail on these wallpapers is unmistakably unique. The Chinese influence is a nice complement to the design of the space, and the metallic gold and silver leaf background is chic.”

Pleated Silk Fabric by Bart Halpern
Used in: Sands Cotai Central, Macau, China; Venetian Macau, Macau, China
“In creating sophisticated gaming areas, it was essential that we find a wall treatment that was both subtle and tailored. Seeing Bart Halpern’s pleated fabrics and considering how they could be applied to walls in the form of wrapped panels, we designed custom pleats for each of the Paiza gaming areas in the Sands Cotai Central,” she recalls. “The pleats turned out beautifully. Their use as a subtle backdrop to the gaming and lounge areas establishes the elegant, tailored setting for the rest of the design.”

A look at both the handpainted wallpapers by Gracie Studio and Bart Halpern’s silk fabrics in use on the walls of the Sands Cotai Central in Macau. Image courtesy of Wilson Associates Bart Halpern’s Liquid fabrics
Bart Halpern’s Liquid fabrics Bart Halpern’s Liquid fabrics

PageBreak ForrestPerkins
Elizabeth Dillon, ASID, Senior Associate
Cliff Tuttle, ASID, LEED AP, NEWH, Vice President

Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze by Benjamin Moore
Used in: The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco; The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey, Calif.
“We wanted to find a finish that highlighted the existing trim without overwhelming the space. It really captured the light beautifully from the chandeliers and gave the spaces an unexpected sparkle,” says Dillon. “I haven’t seen anything else on the market like this product. It creates the most unique highlights to any space.”

Vapor resin panels from 3form
Used in: San Francisco Marriott Marquis
“The original light fixtures at the guestroom entry doors had egg-crate diffusers that forced the light to be directed down to the floor—thus, the corridors felt dark and unpleasant. The goal was to enhance the lighting level, utilizing a decorative translucent material that would allow the available light to be better directed,” Tuttle notes. “With its subtle texture and shimmering metallic threads, the material provides an even glow of light that is both decorative and functional.”

Ajiro Sunburst panels with Swarovski Crystals by Maya Romanoff
Used in: The Fairmont San Francisco
“A rapidly renewable material and used with other finishes in the Grand Ballroom, the Ajiro wood wallcovering with its sunburst pattern is a juxtaposition in materials, with its glistening metallic finish and the subtle sparkle of individual Swarovski crystals set at the center of each sunburst,” says Tuttle. “Used at the Juliet balconies, the installation evokes a contemporary statement that pays homage to existing Mid-Century crystal chandeliers.”

Maya Romanoff’s Ajiro Sunburst panels, featuring Swarovski Crystals A close-up look at the Vapor resin panels from 3form, part of the company’s Varia Ecoresin collection
A look at Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze, used to accent trim at The Ritz-Carlton  

PageBreakRockwell Group
Greg Keffer, Studio Leader

Pixo by Pablo Design
Used in: Neuehouse, New York City (opening spring 2013)
“Neuehouse is a new concept in shared work spaces that is designed for entrepreneurs in creative fields, such as design, tech, fashion, entertainment and art,” Keffer says. “We’re placing a Pixo lamp on every desk in the studios on Floors 2 through 4. Pixo provides a bright, warm light in a compact design, and it can be configured in an endless number of ways. We were also impressed that the design is very eco-friendly—from the packaging to the product itself.”

Luster 6 LuXiole Honeycomb chandelier from Design Heure
Used in: Capital Place, Washington, D.C. (completion in 2014)
“The chandelier will be located in the main amenities space over the display kitchen island. We specified this chandelier because its oversized scale works with our large linear volume,” he notes. “Our design concept for Capital Place celebrates raw materials and their natural beauty, so the chandelier works in harmony, exuding a deconstructed, handcrafted quality in mixed materials appropriate to the space.”

Flaster floor tiles from Ivanka
Used in: Five50 Pizza Bar at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas (opening spring 2013)
“We were looking for an interesting material to use for the flooring in the pizzeria that would have both an element of craft and feel fresh and innovative. Flaster tile has both of these qualities. It has an aesthetic reminiscent of old tiles, but it is made with modern concrete technology,” Keffer says. “There is also a playful quality because you can choose different colors and play with the arrangement. In this project, we’re creating a multicolored floor in neutral colors with an accent of bright yellow as a fun contrast.”

Pixo by Pablo Design features a swiveling light shade, a highly maneuverable arm and a USB port for maximum utility with a minimal footprint Flaster concrete tiles from Ivanka were inspired by classical Mediterranean ceramic tile, but have been abstracted into modern tile patterns with vibrant, customizable colors
The Luster 6 LuXiole Honeycomb Chandelier features a laminated beech wood frame and a gray steel lacquered ceiling rose for an organic, recycled aesthetic. The Luster 6 LuXiole Honeycomb Chandelier features a laminated beech wood frame and a gray steel lacquered ceiling rose for an organic, recycled aesthetic.

PageBreak(fer) studio
Christopher L. Mercier, AIA, Design Principal and Partner
Douglas V. Pierson, AIA, LEED AP, BD+C, Design Principal and Partner

Flamed Black Basalt Pavers by HighFire
Used in: Soll Club West, Coto de Caza, Calif.; Father’s Office restaurant, Culver City, Calif.; Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills (under construction)
“Flamed black basalt offers the variation of natural stone; it’s durable, looks great in a variety of finishes, and performs well for indoor and outdoor applications, so it’s a wonderful product for unifying indoor and outdoor areas into seamless singular spaces,” Pierson says.

Concrete Trough Sink from Custom Crete Werks
Used in: Connie & Ted’s restaurant, West Hollywood (opening spring 2013); Father’s Office restaurant, Culver City, Calif.
“Concrete is a durable material perfect for high-use areas, such as restrooms,” says Mercier. “This sink is stain resistant, warrantied against cracking, virtually maintenance free, and can be cleaned with any household cleaning product. It looks just as good on the first day of installation as it does 10 years later after hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of uses.”

Glass offset ridge tile by Ann Sacks
Used in: Connie & Ted’s restaurant, West Hollywood (opening spring 2013); Soll Club West, Coto de Caza, Calif.; Father’s Office restaurant, Culver City, Calif.
“We like to specify this product to cover walls in darker corners or areas, like under bar tops,” says Pierson. “It reflects just the right amount of light in a dark space to give a nice, moody glow. When used in a uniform color, it’s simple enough for an entire wall without competing with the other players in the space, but the texture and the qualities of the glass provide enough interest.”

DMF 3” Recessed LED lights by Prudential Lighting
Used in: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood (under construction); The Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills (under construction); SmashBox Studios, Culver City, Calif. (under construction)
“At the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, we’re working on two particular projects: The Tower project and the Johnny Grant Suites,” Mercier notes. “We’ll be using these recessed LEDs throughout. At the Thompson Hotel, we’re using them in the new meeting rooms that we’re remodeling. Both projects feature spectacularly rich materials, and these LED lights in particular can really show off the depth of the colors and textures, thanks to their extremely high color rendition index.”

Ann Sacks’ distinctive glass tile can be found in use at the bar in the Esso Club West in Orange County, Calif. Photograph by Dennis Owen Photography The outdoor area of Esso Club West makes use of black basalt pavers from Highfire to provide a durable, unified aesthetic. Photograph by Dennis Owen Photography
Recessed LED lights by Prudential Lighting in the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel provide just the right amount of atmosphere, and highlight the unique colors and textures found in the space. Photograph by Gaszton Gal Photography The restrooms in Father’s Office restaurant in Culver City, Calif. feature concrete trough sinks from Custom Crete Werks to provide durability, as well as an impactful visual. Glass tile from Ann Sacks can also be seen along the wall. Photograph by Joshua White Photography