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IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter Names Breakfast Speakers

Event to include Vincent Stanley of Patagonia and Denis Hayes of the Bullitt Foundation


Event to include Vincent Stanley of Patagonia and Denis Hayes of the Bullitt Foundation.

IIDA Northern Pacific Leaders Breakfast 2013

Every year, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) invites industry professionals in host cities across the country to the Leaders Breakfast. A speaker is chosen to inspire and encourage attendees and a local leader is honored for their contributions to the community.

On Thursday, March 28th, the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter will honor the Bullitt Foundation’s Denis Hayes while Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s vice president of marketing, speaks on this year’s theme of corporate responsibility.

Denis Hayes, president and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation, was the national coordinator of the very first Earth Day and led the effort to expand the event to over 170 countries. Named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes of the Planet,” Denis has dedicated his career to the principles of environmental consciousness and sustainability. The foundation’s headquarters, known as the Bullitt Center, is slated to be the world’s greenest office building and will qualify for classification as a “Living Building” by the International Living Future Institute upon completion this year.

The keynote speaker, Vincent Stanley, is the co-author of “The Responsible Company” and has worked for Patagonia since its inception in 1973. His efforts in understanding the intersection between the company’s brand, products and environmental impact led him to create The Footprint Chronicles, an interactive map detailing all factories used in the company’s supply chain. Patagonia’s efforts to be transparent about the conditions of workers, combined with a rigorous screening approach for vendors, shows that the company works hard to operate responsibly.

This event will be held at Seattle’s Hyatt Olive 8, at 1635 8th Avenue. The IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter’s territory includes Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Alberta and British Columbia. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter’s website.