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Former Jain Malkin Employees Start New Firm: Pacific 33 Architects

Former principal Joost Bende to lead the practice.


Former principal Joost Bende to lead the practice.

Pacific 33 Architects, LLC

SAN DIEGO -- When pioneer evidence-based design firm Jain Malkin Inc. closed its doors last November after 40 years dedicated to healthcare design, some entrepreneurial colleagues joined together to launch PACIFIC 33 Architects, Inc., lead by former Jain Malkin principal, Joost Bende.
“We have been working closely with Jain to migrate many of her existing clients to our studio,” says Bende. “We’ve made it our mission to be easy to work with, and that starts with the seamless transfer of existing projects.”

Based in San Diego, PACIFIC 33 Architects will focus primarily on evidence-based healthcare design but is poised to expand the portfolio beyond healthcare with a team whose experience runs the gamut from architecture and interior design to industrial design and environmental graphics. “You’d be hard-pressed to find a group more dedicated to the advancements of evidence-based design. We are proud to have been at the forefront of healthcare and we want to continue that,” Bende says. “With this team we can offer our healthcare clients the complete package and we can compete in other markets also.”

When PACIFIC 33 Architects officially opened its doors in late December they already had an assortment of projects on their docket. “We are really fortunate clients have requested our help with current projects and also several exciting new projects,” says Principal and Studio Director Denise Burkett. “The support of clients and colleagues in the architectural and design community has been truly appreciated.”

Pacific 33 Architects, Inc. can be reached at (619)754-4833 or at