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SooMin Kim

Interiors Design major, University of Memphis


Interiors Design major, University of Memphis

I entered because...

This project was one of our class assignments.

Concept Statement:

For the I Like Design competition, the students were to design-out space in a warehouse into an office space for any kind of retail store. Since we had already designed a pop-up shop for an online retail store called Bonobos, we thought it would be appropriate to design a corporate office for the same company due to the knowledge we have about them.

The concept of the space that I went for is open plan, with comfortable environments for all the workers to be interactive with each other. The main areas that I have concentrated and focused on are the collaborative areas that are not completely enclosed and have provided a comfortable setting. These spaces are separated by partitions of work spaces that define the area. The idea of this space definition came from one of the inspiration images and I provided a comfortable environment with sofas and bean bags. In the northern collaborative area, I have provided a Koroseal wall for people to come together and discuss their ideas by tacking them up.

The break room café is very open and narrow for people to come gather and enjoy their refreshments and meals. The branding of the company is mainly done by the separation panels in between the workstations, meeting rooms and break room café. The panels in between the wood stands have a frosted glazing with Bonobos advertisements.

Another branding element that I have implemented within the space is located above the reception desk. The big screen system with more Bonobos advertisements is suspended from the ceiling to expose them to the visitors and employees. The designers were allowed to add any kind of skylight element, therefore I have added a saw tooth shape skylight with glazing facing the south façade to maximize the sun during the winter solstice. The skylights are mainly placed about the collaborative areas, meeting rooms, and the break room café, allowing for the sunlight to bleed through to the workstations nearby.

View SooMin's Floor Plan