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Mary Claire Fuqua

Interior Design major, Samford university


Interior Design major, Samford university

I entered because...

This project was assigned to our class due to its compatibility with Samford University’s interior design curriculum. I have put everything into this project and could not be more proud of the end result. I would love an opportunity to intern with Gresham Smith and Partners in Nashville, Tenn.

Concept Statement:

Urban Edge is a women’s apparel company where the goal is to express urban culture through fashion. The Urban Edge headquarters is designed to reflect the city life. Inspired by the bold graffiti art found on urban buildings, the interior spaces are full of rich expressive color and large graphics. The floor plan is structured similar to that of a city grid, having a large emphasis on collaboration and producing a community with a multitude of activities. Having the multi-purpose, collaboration, and cafe centered in the floor plan is a reflection of the organization of a true city where the community regions are focused in the heart of it. The circular features are created to encourage and show the importance of collaboration. For sustainability, the original hardwood floors were repurposed to create floating wood suspended ceilings. The concrete floors echo sidewalks and the exposed brick mirrors the urban fabrics. The glass offices are designed to imitate the window displays seen walking down the streets. The Tour workstations, by Steelcase, and the custom furniture pieces also reinforce collaboration. The headquarters of Urban Edge expresses aspects of an urban culture in the workplace, creating an urban community within.

View Mary Claire's Concept and Inspiration poster