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Leigh Barker

Interior Design major, University of Memphis


Interior Design major, University of Memphis

I entered because...

I always like a good competition and this one has a really exciting opportunity as the prize.

Concept Statement:

Bonobos is the first mens’ apparel company to successfully establish and market their wares solely online. They are best known for their perfectly fitted chinos that come in every color imaginable. According to one of their clever ads, “you should never be afraid of a little color.”

With this in mind, the new office design will feature vibrant pops of color taken from their very own apparel line. Color also helps differentiate spaces. For example, to prevent the workstation areas from looking like a sea of desks, different areas have their own accent colors to set them apart. A grouping of workstations and offices in the northeast corner of the building has chartreuse accents in the flooring and coordinating seating upholstery, while the executive area has red accents.

Also key to the design concept is collaboration. Office spaces are changing and hiding out in a cube is no longer acceptable. Bonobos employees have fun working together and a workplace layout organized to facilitate collaboration is a must. The creative process works best when workers have comfortable spaces to brainstorm away from the office or workstation.

And last, but certainly not least, sustainability is very important to the design of the new Bonobos office. Because daylighting is very important for the wellbeing of employees and for greater energy efficiency, almost all workers are positioned near a window to enjoy natural light and a view of the green space outside the building. The few workstations and offices that are not near a window are given natural light from a skylight above. Sustainable materials are used throughout the space including InterfaceFLOR carpet tile made from 79 percent recycled materials. Each workstation includes a Herman Miller Aeron chair which is 94 percent recyclable after use.

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