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Kristin Lewis

Interior Design major, Samford University


Interior Design major, Samford University

I entered because...

As an interior design major, the opportunity to compose and submit a comprehensive project was presented to me by my professor. With the possibility of receiving a valuable internship from Gresham Smith and Partners, it is an opportunity that I would be excited and honored to experience.

Concept Statement:

A reflection of collaboration, connectivity, and efficiency expressed and embraced. Inspired by its target market of college age individuals and young professionals, Avant-Threads’ brand embraces the technologically adept, educated, socially oriented, and sustainably minded individual. Their apparel offerings seek to blur the line between work and social environments, indicative of the concept of collaboration and connectivity inspired by a technologically driven generation. Ease of transition from the workspace to personal life is achieved through an apparel branding that is casual yet refined. Embracing a generation marked by individuals whose use of technology serves as a means for increased connectivity and ease of access and interaction, aspects of collaboration and transition are conceptually and physically interwoven into the interior. The development of the space emphasizes cohesion and community through an open and interactive layout, indicative of Avant-Threads’ commitment to extensive, communication and high connectivity. A sense of movement through diagonal organization is projected effectively conveying ease of communication and engagement.

Collaboration is efficiently and effectively supported through integrated technologies and multifunctional, flexible, and engaging spaces. These concepts are also re-imagined structurally and aesthetically using textiles to characterize a blurring of the line between the unfinished and the refined construction.

Avant-Thread continues to forge a connection with its consumer market and their ever strengthening movement towards resourcefulness. This commitment to sustainability is reflected as existing elements are preserved and refurbished, while considerations such as responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes are considered in the selection of textiles and furnishings. Efficient, salvaged, and sustainable materials are extensively utilized within the space, showcasing Avant-Threads’ commitment to environmental responsibility.

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