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Bethany Saltzman

Interior Design major, Kent State University


I entered because...

I am entering to broaden my design understandings while learning in a schooling environment. This was also a Kent State University project requirement.

Concept Statement:

During the process of designing Hypnotic Attraction, many inspirational elements came from the idea of magnetism. Magnetism is defined as the forces that are produced by an opposing field. This force is applied to every single element and is then the reaction to the next elements that were created. Magnetism emanates within the floor plan layout, furniture layout, ceiling plan, and finish selections. The layout of the building has masses forced towards each other. In the horizontal direction, curved elements are the main focus and in the vertical direction straight linear elements appear to be pulling towards one another. As you enter the main doors, the reception area envelops the new incomers due to the roundness and unique shape of the room and is embellished with a two pendulous chandelier. The reception desk is placed to have the guests drawn in and focusing on the encompassing mannequins that are draped with the futuristic clothing that Hypnotic Attraction creates.

All office spaces draw your eye to the center of the plan which includes the required 75 workstations, divided into two separate zones. The workstations are not stationary and have the ability to be reconfigured, allowing for more employees to be welcome at any point in time. Small nooks with extra seating were designed to pull the employees in and allow them to have a small workspace away from their normal structured workstation. The collaboration spaces were designed to encourage workers to take advantage of the creative spaces, thanks to their placement near employee workstations.

To utilize the most day lighting possible, important rooms such as the executive conference room and multi-purpose space were given windows. Due to long meetings that occur in these types of rooms, natural sun light was important to allow for dimming of artificial lighting to save on energy costs and to reduce any feeling of fatigue. Three of the four copy prints also include natural light. These spaces are to act as an escape from employee workstations. The promotional store acts as a front display window attracting outsiders to the building and allows for a more efficient source of lighting. Executive offices and other offices were kept away from the windows in order to draw the workers out to collaborate and work with other employees, allowing for a more equal work environment.

Magnetism is a strong forceā€”a force that pulls your eye to specific elements of the design, invokes creative, happy employees and draws the attention of the guests who yearn to come back time and time again.

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