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Alyssa Prem

Interior Design major, Kent State University.


Interior Design major, Kent State University.

I entered because...

I am entering this competition because it's a great opportunity to challenge myself and grow as an interior design student.

Concept Statement:

The Concept of “Suit Up” apparel is a juxtaposition of a formal office space layout that allows workers to feel comfortable and close together. Being close together inspires creativity through collaboration. In correlation to the floor plan the ceiling complements the juxtaposition of the spaces by the use of parallel wood beam structures and a suspended architectural detail. Placing elements against one another creates unity and a sense of stability. The simple color scheme allows a creative and inspiring atmosphere to work in. The positioning of workstations and offices were placed according to daylighting. Natural lighting helps create a warm feeling throughout the spaces making it a more comfortable space to work. Curved walls were added to create open areas and more traffic space. Collaboration areas spread out among the floor plan to be able to meet anywhere within the work place. “Suit Up” is a work environment created to suit employee wellbeing.

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