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Source Outdoor Introduces Awnings Division

Source Awning manufacturing division now open in Miami


Source Awning manufacturing division now open in Miami.

Source Outdoor Introduces Awnings Division

MIAMI—Source Outdoor, a high-end outdoor seating, dining, and lounging furniture company, announces the launch of a new division: Source Awnings. The new branch, opening this week, designs and manufactures custom awnings, providing customers with a unique addition to any outdoor space.

“Many property managers and customers we have worked with have mentioned the need for awnings,” says Gerald Shvartsman, CEO of Source Outdoor. “Now our company as a whole is more equipped to handle the demand for more than just the wicker and aluminum furniture we’ve been carrying over the past five years.”

Source Awnings will custom design any shape or size awning to cover and provide protection for a range of areas. Each awning enhances the design and ambiance of the building or space, provides protection from outdoor elements, and boosts energy savings by blocking the sun’s rays during warmer months.

Awning styles available include retractable awnings, both manual and motorized, fixed styles for smaller areas over windows and doorways, and larger coverings for areas above seating or dining spaces. Source Awnings also offers a number of custom shapes, including: lean-to, concave, dome, elongated dome and quarter round.

The awning frames are made of powder-coated steel or structural grade aluminum. The frames may be easily removed and stored, if desired. The covers are made from Sunbrella fabrics, which are resistant to fading, water, and mildew.

“Everything is custom ordered and made here in-house, in the U.S.,” says Shvartsman. “The customer tells us their needs and budget, and we take care of the rest.”