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Rollglass by Klein USA


I am called Rollglass, and in my humble opinion, I am one of the world’s most beautiful frameless interior sliding glass door systems.

Who are you?
I am called Rollglass, and in my humble opinion, I am one of the world’s most beautiful frameless
interior sliding glass door systems. When I am part of a room, light and architecture come together in the most ingenious ways.

Where are you from?
I was born in Barcelona, Spain before working my way across Europe. I am now here in North America.

What one word best describes you?

How do you define good design?
Elegance, simplicity and technology moving together, imperceptibly. My frameless engineering helps architects and interior designers to see less and envision more.

What is your biggest turn-on?
The way people smile when they first touch my handle and discover that one finger is all it takes to move my sliding panels.

How do you lessen your environmental impact?
My frameless design allows natural daylight to penetrate deep into a space. This not only provides a feeling of openness, but also minimizes the need for conventional lighting, resulting in significant energy savings.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Nothing—you can see right through me. (Sorry, I love a good pun!) But in all seriousness, I see boundaries eliminated, new spaces created within existing ones and interiors maximized. I open a limitless range of design possibilities.

In what interior environments do you make the greatest impact?
I’d have to say commercial offices, lobbies and conference rooms, although I’m equally at home in hospitality, retail and high-end residential applications. I fit in wherever a “wow” factor is desired.

Describe the secret to your success.
Aside from the quality and longevity of my precision-engineered components and customizable glass, I would say it’s the way my dealers bring my entire system-design-through-installation process together for clients. They make it easy, so I can make it beautiful.