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Form Pendant Lamps from Design House Stockholm


We are Form Pendant lamps, designed by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm, and love to be with our other family members.

Who are you?
Form Pendant lamps, designed by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm.

Where are you from?
We are true citizens of the world, conceived in Stockholm and born in China.

Aside from sugar and spice and everything nice, what else are you made of?
We are made from blown glass and fitted with a halogen light bulb, plastic socket and silicone cord.

What one word best describes you?
Family. We are just like people, happiest in a family, hanging with our brothers and sisters. Each Form Pendant family looks a little different, based on hanging height, number of family members and how close we are to each other.

What are your biggest turn-ons?
Functionality, modesty and beauty.

Unoriginality and ineffectiveness.

How do you lessen your environmental impact?
We are created with high-quality white opal glass that will last for a very long time, limiting waste. (Just don’t go throwing us around.)

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
We see three strong, independent shapes lighting up the room. Our size is what makes us so strong. Standing tall at 9.5, 15 and 17 inches, we make a statement in any combination.

In what type of interior environment do you make the greatest impact?
We are intended to be grouped as installations—as three individuals hanging in a line or as a large group standing together—encouraging users to explore the interplay between shapes, forming a customized and unique statement that is sure to catch people’s eye.

What would be your dream job?
It would be fun for a group of 25 of us to greet people as they enter a modern hotel. We might be from Stockholm, but we fit into the design styles of many countries. Watching visitors from all over the world check in and start their adventure in a new city or country would certainly be a dream job.

Describe the secret to your success.
The idea behind our design is simple: three glass pendants blown in Bauhaus shapes, including a circle, a rectangle and a triangle. Many of Bauhaus’ greatest lecturers focused on the importance of basic shapes in everything they built; the secret to our success is combining these powerful shapes in a simple, yet beautiful way.