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Stamats Headquarters Awarded LEED Certification

Publishing headquarters of Interiors & Sources magazine achieves Silver status from USGBC.


Publishing headquarters of I&S magazine achieves Silver status from USGBC.

Stamats headquarters receives LEED Silver certification

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA -– Stamats has announced that it has been awarded LEED® Certified Silver for its headquarters building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from the U. S. Green Building Council.

Stamats’ headquarters was damaged by the severe flooding in 2008 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Rather than relocate elsewhere, Stamats decided to remain in downtown Cedar Rapids and rebuild its headquarters to LEED standards. Company President/CEO Guy Wendler explains, “After the flood, we decided that we would not just come back, but come back better than before. Rebuilding and operating our headquarters in a sustainable manner fit right in with that goal. Employees are proud to be part of a green business, and we are seeing returns in the form of utility savings. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do.”

Rich Hanson, Stamats senior controller, oversaw the rebuilding of the 30,000-sq.-ft. facility and listed some of the major sustainable building improvements:

-Low flow water fixtures that reduce water usage by 30 percent  

-Building materials that use recycled or renewable materials and/or which are locally sourced, thereby reducing the company’s carbon footprint

-Energy saving features which reduce the need for gas and electricity, such as the extensive use of glass and open layouts which allows spaces to receive natural light; automatic lighting controls which turn on lights only when space is occupied and light is needed; energy efficient light fixtures; and more insulation

LEED certification is very important to the markets Stamats serves -- colleges and universities, hospitals, and meetings and conventions. Further, through its Buildings® and Interiors & Sources® media brands, Stamats provides extensive editorial coverage of green building in the United States. Stamats’ San Francisco offices are also located in a LEED-certified building.