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10 to Watch: David Wright


Product Manager
Dauphin North America


"I am a minimalist,” says David Wright. “I don’t like waste of material or time!”

Neither do we. So we knew we had to find out who was behind the Konstrux table and storage system—one of Wright’s biggest projects to date in his role as product manager for tables with Dauphin North America. This offering was designed to be all things to all types of workers, something we’ve identified as a necessity in today’s workplace.

Konstrux works as a hybrid product that can be broken down and rebuilt to fulfill functional needs. Wright and his team designed this product without a structured framework or a systemized screen network; instead, it features the Konstrux Application Plate (KAP), which allows for linking table-to-table or to a shared work surface, adding privacy screens, accessory rails, overhead storage and more. This enables it to create dynamic spaces that are constantly changing and growing—characteristics that are vital for the survival of the communal office.

Wright started designing for a living in 1972, and cites both his father (“a master craftsman and inventor”) and Val Rossi, his former boss and designer for A.H. McIntosh & Company Ltd. in Scotland. He’s always loved his career for the creative opportunities it has brought him, and he only hopes that his products make people’s complicated lives a little easier.

“I hope that office workers are proud of their furniture to the extent that their performance is enhanced, and that engineered features and attributes provide long-lasting serviceability.”

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