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Workshop Kitchen & Bar

SOMA Architects


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7 Workshop Kitchen & Bar
SOMA Architects
Workshop Kitchen & Bar restaurant is sleek, smooth, and most importantly, smart.

Located in Palm Springs, a city with a strong tradition of modernist interiors, SOMA Architects decided to get people’s attention with a new take on the genre. “Our response is what could be considered Brutalist-modernism, which stands apart from anything seen in not only Palm Springs, but also the region,” says Steven Townsend, lead designer. “Using simple, monolithic structures and materials, we were able to keep the simple and sleek lines of the project while producing a more contemporary and Brutalist project.”

SOMA worked to develop a strong relationship between the interiors and the exterior architecture, which resembles a cathedral and has earned the building historic protected status. “Our goal was to help emphasize this, and led to many of our formal maneuvers—the central aisle and communal space, and the booths acting to enhance the verticality of the overall space. Even the side dining table is reminiscent of an altar from an ancient cathedral.”

The team also strove to offer up a variety of experiences for patrons. From the large communal table that runs down the center aisle and the intimate booths that flank it to the private dining room, there’s an atmosphere to fit every party.

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Editor's Thoughts:
“SOMA’s use of concrete is a highly unique element to this project and it’s so interesting to see how its inclusion, mixed with a very simple material presentation, results in such a warm space. It has a highly residential feel to me while still exuding the energy of a hot new restaurant. ”
—AnnMarie Martin