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Munich Store



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For Santiago, Chile’s new Munich store, interior designer Eric Dufourd and industrial designer Ignasi Llauradó, partners at Deardesign, decided that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They replicated the same aesthetic they used in the Valencia Arena store for this fashion and sports footwear brand.

The goal in both cases was to have visitors immersed in a virtual arena, where the shoes are the public and the customers are the players. They enter the store from the chaos of the street and find themselves in a sensibly organized space. A main design element is the lack of differentiation between display window and display furniture.

“In both projects we thought about the store as a huge window display,” says Dufourd. “We didn’t want to make any differentiation between the shop window and the inside store. This seems to be simple, but the reality is that this way of thinking needs a big effort to reduce our ideas to one single combination. In this case we really needed to attract the consumer as much as possible off of a very competitive street.”

The white metal display structure was laser cut and utilizes the brand’s X symbol by having it infinitely repeat around the store. Deardesign strove for a simple material palette, which included the white-lacquered iron, Corian for the interior lettering, a Barrisol stretched ceiling for lighting, white polyurethane resin with glossy varnished finish for the floor, and white skin and iron sheets for the furniture.

The project is a lesson in achieving a strong brand statement without over-designing.

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Editor's Thoughts:
“The drive behind this design is genius—and spot on for that matter. The shoes resemble the roaring crowd of a stadium, cheering on customers to a sale. The display structure is also a great example of how to express a brand identity and logo in a subtle yet strong way.”
—AnnMarie Martin