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Dove® Real Beauty by Design Workshop Launches in New York

Dove teams up with architecture and design consultancy Nous Collaborative.


Dove teams up with architecture and design consultancy Nous Collaborative.

Dove Real Beauty by Design Workshop

NEW YORK CITY – Dove® gave art and design students a license to play at the Dove Real Beauty by Design Workshop, that took place in New York from October 12-25.

Dove® asked creative minds to come together and reimagine new ways in which the Dove® Brand Mission could be brought to life. The mission invites all women to realize their personal potential for beauty.

Dove® teamed up with architecture and design consultancy, Nous Collaborative, to run the Dove® Real Beauty by Design Workshop. This partnership is a successful example of how a collaboration between a global brand and a specialized agency can bring new approaches to marketing and public outreach.

The workshop engaged the skills of young designers from the diverse fields of architecture, illustration, fashion, industrial and interactive design to bring their unique expressions and point of view on beauty to life. Dove® has found that by working with new partners, and implementing new ways of working, there is an opportunity to explore and celebrate the brand mission in new and more energetic ways.

The two week workshop brought 33 leading design students together to ideate and co-create around the Dove® brand mission. The students hailed from prestigious New York schools including: Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Students worked together and shared their knowledge to create inspiring projects which were judged by a panel of experts. Panellists included leading designers, brand representatives and journalists, including Cliff Pearson from Architectural Record and Monica Khemsurov from blog at an event held at Soho House NY.

The Dove® Real Beauty by Design Workshop in New York is part of a series of Dove workshops which kick-started in London in 2011. The workshop in London resulted in a number of successful entries which are now being implemented across the globe, including:

- Educational materials which will form part of the Dove® Self-Esteem Project and help young girls around the world develop a more positive relationship with beauty.

- Photography that captures the iconic Dove® Beauty Bar’s fluid form engaging with the body.

- Experiments with brand products that produce new sensations through various textures, temperatures, and interactions.

- Portable spaces as a means of living the Dove® experience throughout the day The workshops enable Dove® to realise its commitment to innovation by engaging with a broad spectrum of design disciplines and in doing so create new ways of empowering women to reach their full potential for beauty.