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A Colorful Fall Forecast

Design guru Stacy Garcia looks into her crystal ball for I&S and comes back with the color trends you’ll be seeing this fall.

By Stacy Garcia

Design guru Stacy Garcia looks into her crystal ball for I&S and comes back with the color trends you’ll be seeing this fall.

One thing is for sure: we won’t see a lack of color this fall. On the contrary, we will see a full spectrum as we look to fall with optimism. Saturated hues with positivity and energy; sensual, deep colors; complex pastels and textured neutrals will all be spotted this coming fall.

(Stacy Garcia Fabrics for LebaTex, Pattern: Kennedy Stripe)

This summer we featured exciting and intense variations of yellow.  From the creamy tint of butter, exuberant sunshine to optimistic gold, yellow warms the soul. Optimistic gold will be the choice for autumn.

A wide range of greens have also been front and center. We’ll see leaf greens used as organic highlights; meadow greens that will allow a soft, loosened look; and vegetal, wild greens that will take you on a trip through unspoiled landscapes. These hues are fresh and succulent. Green is a hue with deep meaning as it symbolizes balance and growth.  Green has been seen as the new neutral due to its versatility, and will continue to be a popular color family. 

(Stacy Garcia Wild Corners Collection for Durkan)

We will be seeing lots of textured neutrals, whether they have the sexy air of ruggedness found in leathered black, or the grainy, gritty surface of light teak. Powdered and dusted light neutrals will be important, as well as rosy metallics.

(Stacy Garcia Wallcovering for York, Pattern: Charleston)

Neutrals will be high-end, modern and composed with combinations like caramel and camel. Earthy and honest browns are also making a comeback.

(Stacy Garcia Fabrics for LebaTex)


An array of reds, oranges and pinks will add excitement to the fall palette. Powdered rose, ripe melon, spicy corals, sassy reds and complex wines appeal to our senses—the spicier the better.

(Stacy Garcia Fabric for LebaTex, Pattern: Pure)

That said, smokey, mysterious darks are still present. As we forecasted with our Dark Fairytale trend, off-blacks, deep hues of plum, blackberry, poisoned apple, and the established combination of indigo and black will continue to be popular.

(Stacy Garcia Observations Collection for LebaTex)

Will purple rise again? Up until the election in November we will be hit with a barrage of red and blue; purple becomes our neutral zone. This fall, purple has deep undertones and will be seen with mahogany.

(Stacy Garcia Philosopher Collection for LebaTex)

In contrast to the darks, we will see luminous, complex pastels. Translucency and fluidity are not only important characteristics of smoky darks, but their pastel counterparts as well. This spring we saw delicious mint, a frosty tint that was a mix between blue and green and lovely lavender, which signified freshness with refined edge. These tints will become more complex with hints of dust or warmth for the autumn season.

(Stacy Garcia Wallcovering for York, Pattern: Mystic Vine)

Stay true to blue this season with silvery, winter blue-greys, solid and sturdy true blues and denims, and fluid teals and cobalt. There will be a significant emphasis on thought-provoking and tranquil blues.

Rich, sophisticated tones are the combination to look for.

(Stacy Garcia Fabrics for LebaTex, Pattern: Moonshine)

Founder and CEO of the Stacy Garcia® lifestyle brand and LebaTex®, Inc. a Certified Women Owned Textile company, Stacy Garcia is a leader in hospitality design, respected for her inventive use of color. Stacy’s signature designs and knowledge of trends are informed by a rich history of working first-hand with major lifestyle and hospitality brands.