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AIS & ANEW Partnership Provides Alternative for Repurposing Surplus Office Equipment

AIS clients can now divert products from landfill.


AIS clients can now divert products from landfill.

ANEW Vimeo

ANEW's story is told in the Vimeo embedded below.

HUDSON, Mass. – In a continued effort to provide increasingly sustainable solutions, AIS has partnered with ANEW to provide a take-back solution for surplus office furniture and materials. This partnership provides AIS clients with a means to repurpose their furniture, fixtures and architectural materials, diverting the items from landfill. All captured materials are donated to public agencies and charities within a 50 mile radius, benefiting the local communities to which the furniture resided.

ANEW, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, exists to provide companies with alternatives for their surplus furniture and other items with the priority of matching it to non-profits, public agencies and underserved communities while avoiding landfill. This simple practice furthers corporate citizenship, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. With a nationwide reach of 250 service providers, ANEW is a single point resource, coordinating the removal of all surplus in any condition from the interior built environment, conducting community outreach to charities and others, then reporting the results and metrics of every project. In its 7 years of existence ANEW has diverted 8.9 million pounds from landfill, serving more than 500 organizations in 13 countries. ANEW educates through action, transforming corporate surplus into community service.

“This partnership is a great fit for AIS. As a lean manufacturer, we are very environmentally aware of not just what we produce, but what we dispose of. By aligning with ANEW, we can ensure that abandoned furniture becomes recycled and used to benefit our communities as opposed to filling up our landfills,” says Rob Lazarus, executive vice president, AIS. “This is a great organization that unites social responsibility with environmental sustainability- something that we here at AIS are very passionate about.”

“ANEW is happy to welcome AIS as a sponsor,” says Founder/President Rose Tourje. “Their dynamic approach to sustainability is a perfect fit with ours; we look forward to working with them.”

Learn more about ANEW on Vimeo:

ANEW (Full Film) from Change For Balance Productions on Vimeo.