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6 new contract offerings from Guardian, Berco, Nucraft and more!


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Specifics - Interiors and Sources
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Berman Glass Editions | GUARDIAN INDUSTRIES
Berman Glass Editions is Guardian Industries’ signature series of glass textures hand-designed by glass artist Joel Berman.
The Pipeline Lamp, designed by B.dnb designStudio, is a family of lamps with directional LED light sources made from steel tubes.
Motiv freestanding soft seating from Bretford provides the opportunity to share and create almost anywhere.
Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels | ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS
Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels from Architectural Systems offer a sustainable design solution for designers looking to create a feature or focal point.
Anywhere Media Tower | BERCO
The Anywhere® media tower from Berco is the first to offer true task “sharing” for collaborative projects.
Cavara | NUCRAFT
Cavara from Nucraft is elegant, sleek and simple in appearance with refined details.
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Bistro | Loewenstein
Cork Rubber Flooring | ZANDUR
Ebb Concept| NEO-METRO
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