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Discover a new world of materials at the I&S Materials Pavilion at NeoCon


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I&S Materials Pavilion Special Section

The Interiors & Sources Materials Pavilion at NeoCon (#8-3130) is the place to get your hands on a variety of decorative products for furniture and interiors from the industry's leading suppliers. Below is a preview of a few companies that will be on display this year. Read more...»


Hand Crafted Móz Metals by Móz Designs

Móz Metals are decorative metal surfaces characterized by their unique hand-etched patterns and applied colors on solid-core metals. Available in aluminum, perforated aluminum, corrugated aluminum and stainless steel, they bring life to your environments with over 500 color and pattern combinations. Proudly made in the USA, Móz Metals are offered as laminates and sheets, and are featured on all our architectural products: Column Covers, Walls, Fixtures and Móz Art.

See more color and pattern combinations at

Be Inspired by Wilsonart Contract

The Wilsonart Contract team realizes that inspiration can happen at any time and in any place.  That’s why, every year, we send designers far and wide to search out the worldwide trends in design. Our research allows us to identify trends as they happen and to create surfacing which supports those trends. Go ahead. Be inspired. Whether it’s Rustic Glam in Chicago or Classic Revival in Milan, Wilsonart Contract has a surface to complement your inspiration.

Visit to learn more.

t.fusion™ by BTD Wood Powder Coating

Put t.fusion™ wood powder coating to work for you. Discover the freedom to apply sleek, sophisticated edge details, surface designs and seamless cutouts. t.fusion™ provides the look and feel of a painted surface at a lower cost and with much greater durability. Specify the color, gloss and texture of your choice.

Learn more about the benefits of t.fusion™ wood powder coating at

Swiss Alps Collection | COVERIGHT SURFACES Single-source Model | SÜDDEKOR Alto | TAFISA

The New Swiss Alps Collection from Coveright Surfaces

The Swiss Alps Collection features a versatile character with great depth and unprecedented realism, offering liveliness to the “cross-culture” furniture theme with its different style directions for all those who love naturalness but also want elegance. The five colorings of the décor range from light cream and natural colors to medium and dark gray with just hint of dark brown. The integrated gray portion strengthens the three-dimensional impression and conveys relaxed modernity.

Contact the Coveright Marketing Department for samples of this exciting new décor, or visit

Single-Source Design Services by Süddekor

The key to our success is Süddekor’s single-source model, making us the only company to offer North American laminate manufacturers an integrated workflow—from design services such as scanning, finishing and separation, to precision cylinder engraving, printing and treating. All of this is founded upon and guided by a dedicated philosophy: The passion to create extraordinary, distinct, high-quality laminate designs for the decorative surfacing markets. That philosophy augments our efforts to bring our customers’ visions to life as vibrant and striking flooring, countertop and furniture designs.

Learn more about Süddekor’s model at

Alto by Tafisa

Introducing Alto, a brand new texture and stunningly tactile surface for decorative panels. Available in 10 new colors, the Alto texture is yet another exciting innovation from Tafisa—the company who leads the way in fashion-forward interiors. Tafisa’s wood-fiber panels are manufactured using 100 percent recycled and recovered wood materials, saving millions of trees every year. Now that’s making a statement. 

Find out about Tafisa’s green mission and see the new Alto colors at, or call (888) 882-3472. Visit us in the Materials Pavilion (Booth 8-3130) at NeoCon 2012.
Ceiling & Wall Solutions | USG Marmoleum | FORBO FLOORING Creation Clic System | GERFLOR

Innovative Wall and Ceiling Solutions by USG

For more than a century, USG has manufactured innovative ceilings and wall solutions that set new standards for productivity, style and efficiency. Our products are used in everything from major commercial developments to simple home improvements. We are driven by a commitment to develop products that create outstanding spaces. While this has helped us become an industry leader, it has also strengthened our dedication to find new and better ways to serve our customers.

For more information, visit or call

Marmoleum Floor Coverings by Forbo

Forbo is pleased to announce that its Marmoleum sheet and tile floor coverings are USDA Certified 100 percent bio-based products. Made from natural, renewable ingredients, Marmoleum features naturally inherent antimicrobial and antistatic properties that improve indoor air quality while inhibiting the growth of MRSA and other strains of bacteria. Marmoleum’s Topshield finish allows occupancy-ready installation while reducing cleaning costs and increasing the floor’s long-term appearance retention. Marmoleum is financially beneficial to LEED projects, and carries the most LCA-based certifications of any resilient flooring product.

Learn more at
www.forboflooringna. com/ Commercial-Flooring/Products/ Marmoleum/.


Creation Clic System by Gerflor

Gerflor’s Creation Clic System is a 6 mm thick luxury vinyl tile with a patented vertical click system designed for high-traffic applications, including retail and corporate. Available in 12 wood designs, the Creation Clic System features a polyurethane surface treatment, is water-resistant, provides acoustic comfort up to 12db, is made with 35 percent recycled content and is FloorScore certified. It is ideal for renovations, as its quick and easy overnight installation reduces downtime and prevents loss of revenue.

Learn more about the system at Gerflor’s website,
G2 Blend | INPRO CORPORATION New Textures & Series | FLAKEBOARD FusionSwirl | ATI

G2 Blend by InPro Corporation

The G2 Blend® from InPro Corporation is a non-PVC door and wall protection material providing durability, chemical resistance and environmental sustainability. G2 is manufactured from rapidly renewable and recycled content, and is GREENGUARD-certified to be low-VOC.

Learn more about the G2 Blend at InPro’s website,

New Textures and Series from Flakeboard

Eco-certified, thermally-fused melamine panels are a “natural choice” for wood looks in your commercial, residential and institutional projects. Be inspired by fresh designs and the new Medina texture added to the Flakeboard TFM collection. The introduction of the Beach and Volcano Series lend a rustic, organic feel to this exclusive palette. Flakeboard offers an impressive selection of sustainable particleboard, MDF and HDF panel substrates, along with a variety of woodgrain species, prints and solid designs.

See more textures and patterns at

FusionSwirl by ATI

Tile, stone, abstract and woodgrain designs are new to the FusionSwirl Collection. These fresh designs are inspired from the practice of separating a material from its natural context, both for impact and to decrease costs.  Made with our FusionTech process on aluminum, FusionSwirl is perfect for hospitality, store fixtures, displays, furniture and architectural and interior design applications. 

Get inspired at

Wood Panels | ROSEBURG FOREST PRODUCTS surf(x) 3D Laminates | OMNOVA SOLUTIONS Pinnacle Performance Fabrics | OMNOVA SOLUTIONS

Sustainable Wood Panels by Roseberg

Roseburg is one the largest and most respected manufacturers of sustainable decorative wood panels in North America, and has over 600,000 acres of sustainably managed forestlands in Oregon and Northern California. With production plants and distribution partners strategically located throughout the United States, we deliver the right product, when and where you need it. Third-party certified green decorative panels that are FSC, ECC and CARB Phase II compliant include Duramine decorative melamine and Roseburg Hardwood Plywood (CARB exempt for Ultra-Low Emitting Formaldehyde Resins).

Visit to learn more.

surf(x)® 3D Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions

surf(x)® 3D Laminates can be membrane-pressed to create interesting shapes and contoured surfaces, eliminating edgebanding, T-moldings and visible seams, and contributing to clean aesthetics and easy cleaning. With added impact, marring and abrasion resistance as well as enhanced stain resistance, they are suitable for use on many horizontal surfaces including counters, tabletops and work surfaces. surf(x) 3D Laminates are available in a wide range of solid colors, realistic woodgrains and abstract patterns.

See the possibilities at


Pinnacle Performance Fabrics by OMNOVA Solutions

Pinnacle™ performance fabrics are durable, high-performance coated fabrics formulated without PVCs or plasticizers for a variety of contract upholstery applications. Pinnacle fabrics are the right choice for OEMs, architects, designers or facility managers seeking an alternative to PVC without compromising performance in healthcare, hospitality and commercial office environments. Our latest design, SuperSoft™, features a strikingly soft hand with a subtle leather grain, providing affordable, first-class comfort, upholsterability and performance.

Learn more about Pinnacle at
High-Quality Décor Paper | SCHATTDECOR Acoustic Fabrics | GUILFORD OF MAINE
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High-Quality Décor Paper from Schattdecor

Established in 1985, Schattdecor has developed into a high-powered décor printing group that provides the highest possible quality of printed décor paper, while leading the way in creativity and flexibility. Schattdecor specializes in rotogravure printing while focusing on recreating the visual appearance of wood, stone, and abstract designs for the furniture and laminate flooring markets. To meet the demands of the laminate market, Schattdecor has 12 production facilities all over the world, including two recently opened facilities in the U.S. and Turkey.

Learn more at

Acoustic Fabrics by Guilford of Maine

In situations where acoustic performance is critical, a fabric’s job is not to absorb sound itself, but to allow sound-absorbing products behind the fabric to do their best work. Our 33 patterns have been tested by an independent acoustic lab using the newest fabric-testing methods. Thanks to Guilford of Maine Acoustics in healthcare, the office and education, sound solutions have never looked better.

Visit www.guilfordofmaine. com to learn more.