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Maharam Launches New Website

New site will feature a variety of interesting items, including Maharam Stories, a blog focused on art and design.


New site will feature a variety of useful and interesting items, including Maharam Stories, a blog focused on art and design.

Maharam Launches New Website

Over the past decade, rapid advances in technology have dramatically reshaped the way we work. In response, Maharam has created a new website which reflects the company’s conviction that in a world full of clutter and complexity, beauty lies in simplicity and clarity.

Completely redesigned, the new website is intuitive and responsive, and exemplifies Maharam’s reductive approach; it is at once efficient and visually compelling. Information is clearly structured, copy is kept to an essential minimum, images are large and lush, and white space abounds.

The new site offers insight into Maharam’s culture and varied activities. Maharam Stories, a refined blog largely focused on art and design, serves as the homepage. Overseen by Dung Ngo, senior editor of architecture and design publications at Rizzoli, Maharam Stories are written by a diverse and evolving roster of contributors, from John Maeda, Michael Rock, and John Pawson to Maira Kalman, Harmen Liemburg, and Stefan Sagmeister, on topics of their choosing.

The new was created by A4 Studio, the graphic design arm of Maharam, in collaboration with Brown+Ryan, Maharam’s digital design partner for over ten years, with analytical consultation by 2x4.

Based in New York, Maharam offers a comprehensive collection of textiles for commercial and residential interiors.