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J+J/Invision Introduces DigiSample

This quick reference digital carpet sample guide is a user-friendly addition to their new website.


J+J/Invision introduces user-friendly DigiSample guide to customers.

J+J/Invision DigiSample sheet (top)

DALTON, GA - J+J/Invision announces the addition of DigiSample, a new quick reference digital carpet sample that is a user-friendly addition to their recently redesigned website.

Designed with designers and architects in mind, DigiSample is a new and innovative electronic sample process that allows users to download a real-time carpet sample. This custom download generates a PDF with a set of specs, an actual size image, a pattern reference image, and a grayscale installed image of the selected carpet. DigiSample is ideal when time is of the essence or when narrowing down selections before placing actual sample orders.

In addition to DigiSample, offers a variety of ready to use image downloads for design and rendering programs such as BIM, Sketchup, and jpegs for Photoshop.

All J+J/Invision carpet patterns, colorways and installation methods are download ready so a user only has to drop and render.