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First Ever Green Squared Certified Tile Products Announced

Crossville, Ironrock and Porcelanite Lamosa are among the first manufacturers to offer Green Squared Certified products.


Crossville, Ironrock and Porcelanite Lamosa are among the first to offer Green Squared Certified products, with more to be announced.

First Ever Green Squared Certified Tile Products Announced

After spending five years developing an all-encompassing multi-attribute sustainability standard for tile and tile installation materials, the very first Green Squared Certified products have been announced.

Cumulatively, eight major manufacturers of tile and installation materials have hundreds of products that are already certified, or will be certified by the start of Coverings on April 17, with yet even more of their products still in the evaluation process and expected to earn certification this year. At least six additional manufacturers have started the certification process for hundreds more products that are expected to be certified within the year.

Only those products independently evaluated and certified by a third-party may bear the Green Squared Certified mark, making it easy for specifiers and consumers to select sustainable products and tile systems. Manufacturers with products already certified are Crossville, Ironrock and Porcelanite Lamosa. Additionally, Daltile, Interceramic, Laticrete, Mapei and Marazzi expect to receive notification of product certifications within the next two weeks.

Bonsal American, Florida Tile, Quarry Tile Company, StonePeak, TEC and Vitromex expect to have Green Squared Certified products by year end.

According to Eric Astrachan, executive director of the Tile Council of North America, “This early adoption, within just a few months of the passage of the Green Squared ANSI standard, is a clear indication of the commitment North American manufacturers have made to sustainable manufacturing and sustainable products—in many cases, starting years ago when conversations began regarding an industry standard for sustainability. Manufacturers looked at the breadth of their operations and made significant improvements to meet the multi-attribute criteria of the standard. They are to be congratulated for their willingness to do so, and their willingness to bring in outside certifiers to verify and substantiate their claims.”

Green Squared (ANSI A138.1) is the industry standard for sustainable tile and tile installation products. Because sustainability shouldn’t be defined by a single attribute, Green Squared takes a multi-attribute, balanced approach by establishing criteria for environmental and social issues alike. Covered by the standard are environmental product characteristics, environmental product manufacturing and raw material extraction, end-of-life management, progressive corporate governance and innovation.

To be in conformance with Green Squared, a product must meet all mandatory requirements and a specified number (depending on product type) of elective requirements, providing a total package that reflects the full range of environmental considerations.

Currently, the approved third-party Green Squared certifiers are NSF International, Scientific Certification Systems and UL Environment.

Products covered by Green Squared include ceramic and glass tiles, grouts, mortars, trowelable membranes, polymer additives, backer boards, underlayments, and crack isolation and waterproof membranes. By seeking out Green Squared Certified products, specifiers can put together total sustainable systems when it comes to tile installations.

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