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Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) Launches 2012 Mobile App

Revamped mobile application to enhance show experience for highly engaged audience .


KBIS introduces 2012 mobile app, an interactive, free and downloadable smartphone application designed to enhance the tradeshow experience and provide valuable information on-the-go.

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

CHICAGO--The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is launching the KBIS 2012 Mobile App, an interactive, free and downloadable smartphone application designed to enhance the tradeshow experience and provide valuable KBIS information on-the-go. KBIS has witnessed a steady increase of mobile application use at the show over the past several years as smartphone technology continues to evolve. This year, KBIS anticipates nearly 50 percent of exhibitors and attendees to download and utilize the tool’s powerful search engine and social media capabilities before, during and after the show. It offers advanced features for a personalized experience, including:

Breaking news: Exhibitors and attendees can easily keep in touch with show updates, events and exclusive show coverage.

Powerful search engine: A fully searchable exhibitor list and database makes researching simple to do throughout KBIS. The KBIS Mobile App offers visitors a customized experience, allowing them to bookmark exhibitors to follow-up with, take notes and create favorite lists as they walk the show. Because the application has a year life cycle, users can continue to access all the information they need after the show.

Interactive map: Exhibitors and attendees can get directions to different parts of the show as they walk it, create a strategic route or even click on booths and add them to their agenda as they maneuver the show floor.

Scheduling: Conference seminars, speaker sessions and all key show information are available and up-to-date on the KBIS mobile app. Users can add sessions to their KBIS agendas directly from their smartphone, receive exhibitor suggestions based on their interests, schedule appointments and request callbacks even before arriving at the show.

QR Code Scanner: QR compatibility allows users to interact with products directly, including the KBIS QR Product wall. Attendees will be invited to scan codes located across the show floor to discover exhibitor’s products.

Social Media Capabilities: Attendees can share their KBIS experience live by streaming the KBIS Twitter feed through the KBIS Mobile App, which encourages users to interact and use the #KBISApp hash tag while tweeting at and about the show.

"The KBIS Mobile App is a valuable resource to help exhibitors and attendees fully maximize their time spent on the show floor by streamlining show information into one searchable place," says Jim Scott, managing director of KBIS. "KBIS Mobile gives attendees the opportunity to instantly connect with each other and with the show, and we encourage them to begin using it now to stay up-to-date on new show announcements, product developments, social media and more."

With both iOS and Android native app and web mobile capabilities, KBIS Mobile is compatible with most smartphones connected on 3G or Wi-Fi connection. To download KBIS Mobile visit