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Amtico Flooring by Amtico International


I’m Amtico, a brand of luxury vinyl flooring that mimics everything from rare wood to exotic stone.

Who are you?
I’m Amtico, a brand of luxury vinyl flooring that mimics everything from rare wood to exotic stone. You’ve probably seen me around, but for my 45th birthday I treated myself to an awesome makeover.

Where are you from?
I came from the UK about the same time as The Beatles, but I’m now made in the good old US of A.

Aside from sugar and spice and everything nice, what else are you made of?
I’m not just a pretty face. I’m outfitted with a system of five performance layers. Individually, these layers are the most advanced of their kind. Combined, they create highly durable flooring that can go places that natural materials could never go.

What are your biggest turn-ons?
Individuality, inspiration and creativity.

What are your biggest turn-offs?
Sacrificing design for performance—that’s so old school.

How do you lessen your environmental impact?
I am designed to be recycled. Up to 60 percent of my base layers are reclaimed post-production materials, and I’m using less energy and lower temperatures. Also, since my home base is in Madison, Ga., I don’t have to travel halfway across the world to reach you.

In what type of interior environment do you make the greatest impact?
The honest answer is any and every environment. That’s because all of my beautiful finishes can be installed in a number of ways—large or small, trimmed with a border, inset with a motif or crafted into total custom layouts. There’s freedom to create anything, from large-scale commercial to inviting hospitality.

Describe your secret to success.
Believing that anything is possible. I capture the sheen of metal, the texture of textiles and the grain of wood. I even combine these in cool new ways that are useable and unlike anything else. Being designed in this way means that for my customers, too, anything is possible.