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Carnegie Creative Studio Opens in New York City

New studio engages clients in a more intimate way.


Carnegie Creative Studio opens in New York City, combining the design and marketing team under one roof.

NEW YORK--The Carnegie Creative Studio has opened its doors in New York City. The vision for this studio was to design an open, bright space that would bring together all elements of the creative team at Carnegie. The physical integration of the textile design and marketing teams helps reinforce their core design values.

Product ideas are developed through investigation, experimentation and collaboration.  The final presentation to the marketplace through client dialogue and promotion is a critical piece of a new products journey.

Carnegie Creative enables the entire team’s talents to be shared in a workspace that encourages teamwork while fostering individual expression.  The social aspect of the studio is very important; the open floor plan and vast design space ensures that all work is open to all team members; promoting cross pollination.

In addition this space enables clients to engage the Carnegie creative team in a more complete manner than ever before. Clients are often invited to the studio to see the process and for the team to hear their valuable point of view. They have full access, creating a more organic, open and conversational process. The Carnegie Creative studio is a wonderful expression of the core creative spirit  which Carnegie strives to enhance each and every day.