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12 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

Members of the design industry come clean on what they hope to accomplish in the coming year. Use these resolutions as inspiration to fulfill your own; with the end of days looming this might be your last chance!


A few design industry professionals and peers share their 2012 New Year's resolutions.

1.Susan Doban, co-founder of Think Fabricate: To explore new materials, details, techniques, and color palettes. And to explore bringing colors found in urban nature such as the surprise irridescence and contrast of a pigeon's neck against greys and whites!


2.Agustin Sanders, full time faculty member at the School of Interior Architecture & Design at the San Francisco Academy of Art: Our new year’s resolution for 2012 is to increase the relationship that interior architecture and design has with fashion, we want to follow the best and latest trends from the runway on to the rooms that we design. Most fashion houses have been obsessed with their interiors and creating very elaborate runway shows and this could not happen without interior designers. So now it’s our turn to be obsessed with fashion and incorporate the best of the fashion world into our designs.

3.Jamie Drake, Drake Design Associates: Inspiration refers to an unconscious burst of creativity that comes from your environment. I constantly find inspiration in the work of practicing artists. This year I would like to go to more art fairs and galleries to enrich my palette as a designer and create experiences for clients that are transformative like a masterful work of art. 

4.Claudia Juestel, founder and principal of Adeeni Design Group: Since childhood I used to absolutely love reading in bed. I have been too busy lately to relax a lot, and I really want to do that much more again. There is nothing better than being curled up with a captivating book on a great mattress, surrounded by luxurious bedding.

5.Natalie Jones, vice president of commercial brand development and creative product, Mannington Commercial: I have a few New Year's aspirations (not resolutions – too judgmental if you don't succeed!) First, to live as a learner: learn a new skill, keep growing and challenging myself. Second, to live more gratefully: notice and appreciate small blessings. And third, to live more healthfully.

6.Royal Botania: We’re looking to take a cue from our latest collection Lazy (a modular outdoor sofa) and find some moments to relax and enjoy life.

7.Leland: For 2013, Leland’s resolution remains the same. We will continue to collaborate with some of the best designers around the world to design and manufacture the highest quality, functionally sound contemporary furniture solutions for office, educational environments, health-care facilities, public spaces, and homes.

8.Hansgrohe: We resolve to conserve water through our low-flow products (faucets and showerheads) and continue to research new and innovative ways to save this precious resource.

9.Leucos USA: Our New Year's resolution is to continue the development of eco-efficient lighting through new products which integrate LED technology.

10. WAC Lighting President Shelley Wald: One of our New Year's Resolutions is to have a great presence on the web. With more than two years of research and development, our new website reveals a fresh feel and sophisticated approach that we hope will appeal to the needs and preferences of interior designers. Our objective is to engage our visitors by making the site interactive and, concurrently, to grow relationships by providing the service and benefits that the industry has come to expect from WAC.

These final two were received from Facebook followers on the Interiors & Sources wall who were also asked the question of what their design New Year's resolutions consist of:

11. Brentano – More Color!

12. Karena Boenigk --  I'm living better four ways:

(1.) Purge what you don't use/need and donate to Goodwill
(2.) Bring more life in the home with live plants and/or natural elements like reed baskets.
(3.) "Go Vertical" by installing hooks, shelves, and getting things up off the floor and on the wall.
(4.) Designing Authentically, only place objects/build strcutures that are "you" in the home.

Ahh. I feel better already!