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6 new contract offerings from Moz Designs, Community, Pallas Textiles and more!


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Metalwoodz - MOZ DESIGNS
Móz Designs introduces Metalwoodz, rich wood-toned solid core aluminum panels that can be utilized as a surface laminate or a rigid architectural product.
Finn, designed by Q Design for Community, pairs simple, clean lines with elements of nature to bring in the outdoors and open interior spaces.
Attend, one of four wall accessories in the Additions line from Takeform, is a fully customizable, patient-specific critical notification placard for mounting outside patient rooms.
Springtime in Paris - PALLAS TEXTILES
Pallas Textiles' Springtime in Paris upholstery collection offers colors, textures and patterns that are both whimsical yet elegant.
LEDme Step Lighting - WAC LIGHTING
WAC Lighting's LEDme Step Lights offer a sleek profile and enhanced functionality for safety and style on indoor and outdoor stairs, walls and other pathways.
Art Hanging Systems - QUADRO FRAMES
Quadro Frames offers versatile art hanging systems which require an easy, one-time installation of hanging track along the perimeter of the upper wall/ceiling.
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