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Tendence 2011 Top Picks

See I&S' top 10 picks from this Messe Frankfurt accessories show.


Patrycja Domanska’s “Edgy” tiles

Messe Frankfurt, one of the world’s leading tradeshow organizers, presented Tendence just last week, from August 26-30 in Frankfurt, Germany.

This international accessory and gift show brought something to the table for everyone from holiday themes, to brand new material uses (at the preview to the Materials Revisited exhibition) and innovative furniture pieces in the students’ Talents section.

A major trend Interiors & Sources identified at the show, was something we are dubbing “light bundling.” Many exhibitors (not even just lighting-specific ones) were displaying groupings or “bundles” of chunky and bold shades and sculptures, such as the ones shown below:

One World Interiors 


Romi Amsterdam

And for the first time this year, the show took on a partner country in Austria. Specially designed stands, showcases and events honored the country and its culture, design and even cuisine.

The following are our top 10 stand-outs from the show that could make a nice fit into our beloved world of commercial design.

1.      florian schulz

The Go light from florian schulz licht & object can be either hung from the ceiling (again, in a grouping, seen here) or featured in the floor lamp version. Sleek and uniquely shaped, the dropped oval fixture is reminiscent of dangling pearl earrings.

2.       Magno

The wooden radios and accessories from Magno bring the classic and modern together with a vintage design and the warmth of wood as a material. Each piece is handmade in just 16 hours, and there are five models: the wooden radio wr01a-2Bipod; wooden radio mini; wooden radio cube; klock 01; the desktop set. The wr01a-2Bipod and the cube offer connections for the iPod® or MP3 player, respectively.

3.       Pulpo

The Drop L and XL coat hanger from Pulpo comes in a variety of bright candy colors and is made of powder-coated steel. Appearing like dripping paint on the wall, it adds character and playfulness to any early education project.

4.       Philippi

This deconstructionist vase by Philippi re-thinks the traditional flower-holder and gives the impression of individual sprouts coming to life. The glass base has brass chrome-plated stalks for holders.

5.       Henry Dean

This Belgian company actually got its start fabricating plastic flowers for funeral wreaths. You’d never know it though by the products they’re putting out today, selling into markets as far as Hong Kong. Today, Henry Dean specializes in glass. These multi-colored sculptures can have a number of functions from seating, to display.

6.       Via® cement tiles

These cement tiles by Via not only utilize a different material for the category but also feature retro patterns that are bright and sunny.

7.       The Moody Couch

The Moody couch by Hanna Emelie Ernsting was a break out star in the student Talents section and the product is already on a viral streak. According to Ernsting’s web site, users “liked,” commented and reblogged the product more than 39,000 times in just two weeks. You’ll never get bored with this piece as it comes to rest in a different position almost every time, thanks to its bulky and cozy cover piece that serves as upholstery and blanket.

8.       Patrycja Domanska Edgy tiles

Another standout in the Talents section was Patrycja Domanska’s “Edgy” three-dimensional tiles. These asymmetrical pieces can be positioned in a variety of formats to create unique experiences in any room.

9.      Stephan Seyffert lights

These quirky lighting pieces from Stephen Seyffert are made from aluminum and were part of the Materials Revisited presentation. This section was a preview for the exhibition about new fabrication techniques, to be held at the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt am Main starting Oct. 5, 2011.

10.   TotalStone® panel system

The TotalStone panel system can reproduce the exact texture and color of a variety of materials, such as brick, slate, stone and wood. From panels to vaults, to arches and angles, the company can create spaces with an industrial, textured look, minus the price of the real thing. With both exterior and interior applications it has insulation, fire retardant and water absorption properties.