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Centiva Achieves ISO 14001 Certification


Centiva Achieves ISO 14001 Certification

Centiva has announced the certification of the Environmental Management System (EMS) at its facility in Florence, Ala. Earlier this month, external auditors evaluated the EMS at the manufacturing facility, which produces Centiva tiles and planks, and certified that it meets ISO 14001 standards.

ISO 14001 is an international standard which sets out the requirements for an Environmental Management System. Its core criteria include: prevention of pollution, continual improvement, and compliance with relevant national and local regulatory requirements. The process begins with a regulatory compliance assessment and an evaluation of the organization's environmental impacts and aspects. This assessment leads to detailed projects which tackle pressing issues and evolves into a journey of continuous improvement.

“Centiva is pleased that our environmental manufacturing efforts are now documented. Our team in Florence is looking forward to continual environmental performance of the facility through the Environmental Management System,” says Garth Gaffney, technical director for Centiva.

“Being environmentally responsible began with the founding of Centiva and its long-term plan,” states Erin Dempsey, head of public relations and environmental initiatives at Centiva. “We are constantly evaluating and updating our tiles and planks to provide the best possible product while remaining environmentally responsible. The Centiva Green Way® is our holistic approach to green stewardship, production, sustainability and reclamation. It is a natural progression that we can now include the ISO 14001 standard to our repertoire.”