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Core77 Design Award Winners Are In!

Winners in 15 categories were chosen and announced via live web broadcasts.


Core77 announces design award winners

NEW YORK – The much-anticipated winners of the first annual Core77 Design Awards have been announced. Winners in 15 categories were chosen by a dedicated group of experts across the globe, and were announced via live web broadcasts from the jurors’ home cities, ranging from Austin to Ahmedabad.

After 16 years of serving the global design community every day, Core77 launched this annual celebration of their best creative work. Core77 is addressing many of the challenges of the design award paradigm, building upon the very things that can make it great – leveraging online scale, increasing transparency, and decreasing plane fuel in the process. Some of the most renowned names in the design industry took part in the awards. Professional winners and runners-up are highlighted below (or notables in the absence of a runner-up); a complete list of winners, runners-up, notables and student accolades can be found at


Winner: Load Carrier for Labour by Vikram Dinubhai Panchal – National Institute of Design (NID)

Runner-up: TikTok+LunaTik watch kits by MINIMAL – Scott Wilson

Runner-up: Makedo by Makedo – Paul Justin

Jury Captain: Julie Lasky – Editor of Change Observer

Team Members: Harry Allen, Rama Chorpash, Zoe Coombes and Maria Popova


Winner: Herman Miller SAYL chair by fuseproject – Yves Behar

Notable: Jumpseat Auditorium Seating by Ziba Design – Sohrab Vossoughi, Mehdi Mojtabavi, Dave Knaub and Pierre Harper

Notable: node chair by IDEO and Steelcase

Jury Captain: Max Fraser – Editor & Publisher of London Design Guide

Team Members: Anthony Dickens, Laura Houseley, James Mair and Libby Sellers


Winner: Bespoke Fairing by Bespoke Innovations – Scott Summit

Runner-up: GRID-IT! By Orange22 Design Lab – Dario Antonioni

Jury Captain: Peter Kallen – Design Director of Nau

Team Members: Damon Clegg, Jennifer Dzienis, Patrick Long and Emily Ryan Stark


Winner: OCAD University Visual Identity by Bruce Mau Design

Runner-up: Beirut Exhibition Center by Mary Choueiter with L.E.FT Architects

Jury Captain: Steven Heller – Author/Writer and Co-Chair of the MFA Designer as Author Program at the School of Visual Arts

Team Members: Arem Duplessis, Mark Randall, Paula Scher and Bonnie Siegler


Winner: PUMA Clever Little Bag by fuseproject – Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan and Seth Murray of fuseproject and GBH

Runner-up: Scanwood by the Goodmorning Technology Team

Jury Captain: Mark Christou – Creative Director of Pearlfisher

Team Members: Josh Handy, Joe Marianek, Marianne Rosner Klimchuk and Melanie Wiesenthal


Winner: Bell Labs – Innovation Whiteboard by Potion – Phillip R. Tiongson

Runner-up: Temptd by frog design

Jury Captain: Jon Kolko – Executive Director of Design Strategy of Thinktiv and Founder & Director of the Austin Center of Design

Team Members: Jan Moorman, Todd Wilkens and Gregg Wygonik


Winner: OpenIDEO by IDEO

Runner-up: HackFwd by IDEO & Lars Hinrichs

Jury Captain: Fran Samalionis – Innovation Coach for BT Financial Group

Team Members: Rod Farmer, Damian Kernahan and Ian McDonald


Winner: Exhale Pavilion by Phu Hoang Office & Rachely Rotem Studio

Runner-up: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Rockwell Group & The LAB

Jury Co-Captain: Astrid Klein – Co-Director of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa)

Jury Co-Captain: Mark Dytham – Co-Director of Klein Dytham architecture (KDa)

Team Members: Momoko Kishino, Hideyuki Nakayama and Jean Snow


Winner: Mission R Electric Superbike by Motonium Design – Timothy Prentice

Notable: Skatecycle by Brooklyn Workshop – Alon Karpman

Jury Captain: Lars Holme Larsen – Co-founder of KiBiSi and Founder of Kilo Design

Team Members: Peter Ingwersen, Nille Juul-Sørensen, Jens Martin Skibsted, Frederik Otteson and Kristian Von Bengtson


Winner: Bedsider by IDEO

Runner-up: Eton Design Strategy by Whipsaw – Dan Harden with Sam Benavidez, Hiro Teranishi

Jury Captain: Mark Vanderbeeken – Senior Partner, Strategi Communications, Experientia

Team Members: Monica Dalla Riva, Eva Teruzzi and Lowie Vermeersch


Winner: Sticks + Stones by Mark Biddle, Audra Buck-Coleman, Ann McDonald

Runner-up: Studio H by Project H Design

Jury Captain: Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall – Associate Professor in Design Anthropology and Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching at Swinburne University

Team Members: Dr. Deirdre Barron, Dr. Herman Pi’Ikea Clark, Vince Dziekan and Russell Kennedy


Winner: 4th Amendment Wear by Matthew Ryan, 4th Amendment

Runner-up: Preserve Toothbrush by Preserve Products and Continuum

Runner-up: How Many Bench by les Sismo designers Frédéric Lecourt and Antoine Fenoglio

Jury Captain: Ashoke Chatterjee – Development Volunteer and Former Director, National Institute of Design

Team Members: Anil K. Gupta, Dr. Vikram Parmar, Suchitra Sheth and H. Kumar Vyas


Winner: Tall Furniture by Robert Turek

Runner-up: Solar Puff by Studio Unite – Alice Minsoo Chun

Runner-up: Propane Tank Bench by Colin Selig

Jury Co-Captain: Christy Canida – Community & Marketing Director at Instructables

Jury Co-Captain: Eric Wilhelm – CEO of Instructables & Co-founding Partner of Squid Labs

Team Members: Simone Davalos, Arwen O’Reilly Griffith and Jeffrey McGrew


Winner: Knarr Cargo Airship by Rune Kirt & Mades Thomsenark

Runner-up: Modwells – personal modules for wellness by Artefact – Jennifer Darmour with Johanna Schoemaker and Verena Lugmayr

Runner-up: High Tech Vanitas by les Sismo – Frédéric Lecourt and Antoine Fenoglio

Jury Captain: Branko Lukic – Designer, Author, Founder of NONOBJECT Design & Innovation Studio

Team Members: Dominika Nell Applova, James Auger, Banny Banerjee, Nebojsa Rogic and Steve Takayama


Winner: LaundryPod by the RKS Design Team

Runner-up: Ping by Studio Sophisti – Wouter Reeskamp and Tijn Kooijmans

Runner-up: EasyTail by Bresslergroup – Mathieu Turpault and David Schiff

Jury Captain: Aric Chen – Design Writer and Creative Director of Beijing Design Week

Team Members: Ben Hughes, Ou Ning and Tewa Srilaklang

Through the use of live announcement broadcasts, video testimonials, distributed jury teams, progressive categories, and social media interaction, the Core77 Design Awards has redefined award programming for the digital age.The inaugural trophy is as innovative as the awards itself; designed by Rich Brilliant Willing and sponsored by Motorola Prototyping Services, winners will receive a trophy that creatively celebrates the spirit of teamwork.

To see the full results and features of this year’s program, visit