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Top HD Expo 2011 Product Picks


Momentum's LoomSource Nomad collection

LAS VEGAS -- This year's Hospitality Design Expo and Conference  in Las Vegas was a sight for sore eyes. Exhibitors came armed with fresh new ideas, products and design concepts that rejuvinated and excited attendees and the industry as a whole. Here's a roundup of just a few that caught our eye(s). Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite product was!


Insert Lightbox is one of four new “Ready to Go” offerings from 3form presented at HD. The Ready to Go program presents designers with pre-packaged solutions that make the specification process run smoother. Insert Lightbox is exactly that: a glowing lightbox inset in a wall. It can be applied with a corner wrap allowing the feature to be viewed from multiple angles. It’s available in 3form’s Varia, Chroma and Struttura.


Steampunk by Durkan – the hospitality brand of The Mohawk Group – has come along to help out those environments in need of a little attitude. With more than 10 patterns to choose from, the line is offered with any Durkan Synthesis™ base grade. These allow designers to choose a textural pattern that is tufted on a multi-level cut and loop-base grade. The patterns themselves are an odd mix of utilitarian elements and romantic motifs that somehow seems to work perfectly.

CF Stinson

Artist Randy Twaddle hit HD Expo with his Power Lines collection for CF Stinson. Highly inspired by the physical structures of industry and technology – such as pole-mounted electrical transformers – Twaddle created two patterns that capture the beauty of them and their distribution lines in silhouette. Current is inspired by a chaotic jumble of power lines. Amp, pictured here, is its more uniform counterpart.


Don’t let the Club lounge from Gloster fool you. At first glance it might seem like an indoor piece, but this modular system is actually 100 percent waterproof, built off a Tungsten color powder-coated aluminum base. Arms are removable and a freestanding ottoman and two side tables complete the collection. The line was designed by Philip Behrens and is available in mercury or ivory colors.


Brentano ventured out of its comfort zone this HD Expo with D.I.Y., a 54 in. graffiti-inspired polyurethane. This panel and upholstery bleach-cleanable textile is roller printed on a faux leather base with a metallic pigment and a mirrored finish. D.I.Y. is available in five colors and exceeds 100,000 double rubs. The backing is made from recycled polyester.

Momentum Textiles

LoomSource, a division of the Momentum Group, arrived with the Nomad Collection to HD Expo. A variety of 10 patterns and 47 SKUs include solids, stripes, and geometrics, with a unique combination of materials such as cotton and post-industrial recycled polyester. Imagery from around the world inspired the line as well as three color trends: “metallic glimmer;” “feast of color;” “edgy organics.”


Designed by Daniel Korb for Loewenstein, Bända is a completely modular lounge seating system that uses much less upholstery and fits perfectly into the “Purely Modern” theme presented by the brand at HD Expo. A folded sheet metal frame construction houses minimally scaled cushions and all can be adjusted to fit a wide range of applications. A number of prototypes also made a great statement on the booth this year, such as a touchscreen concierge desk.


Neo-Metro hit HD Expo with a new and exciting option for designers: custom application capabilities. Any design can be applied to any piece after a unique proprietary process. The unit is then powdercoated, a highly UV-resistant option. Pantone®-matched powdercoats are also available as well as high-gloss or satin finishes.

Valley Forge

Valley Forge Fabrics is the real deal. As a company that truly practices sustainably in every facet of their professional AND personal lives, it's always interesting to see how they've raised the green bar with new, FRESH® introductions. This HD Expo, it was with Tencel+Plus™ Lyocell Eucalyptus Upholstery. These fabrics exceed all ACT standards and are manufactured from FSC or PEFC certified wood pulp cellulose from eucalyptus trees.


Tetra from Arc-Com brought some shine to HD Expo as a replication of a multi-layered, multi-colored mica chip wallsurfacing material, capturing the unique effects found in natural mica chip. Eighteen colors are offered in a Type II, 20 ounce recycled construction with 30 percent total recycled content and 100 percent recycled polyester non-woven backing.