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2011 Bloom Awards Winner: Lighting


2011 Bloom Awards Winner: Lighting

By now, nearly every A&D professional has heard of the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting versus traditional incandescent (and even compact fluorescent) lighting. But is the impact of LEDs on energy loads really that significant? You bet. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that widespread adoption of LED lighting by 2025 will reduce electricity demands from lighting by 62 percent; eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions; reduce the amount of materials being put into landfills; avoid the building of 133 new power plants; and save the U.S. over $280 billion.

It's no surprise then that our judges chose the Equo LED Desk Lamp from Koncept Technologies as their choice for this year's winner in the Lighting category. Performance metrics aside, the clean, sculpted body of the Equo is counterbalanced to be adjustable with a gentle touch, and the arched cross section of the arm makes it so thin and light, it seems to float on top of the stem.

But make no mistake—this delicate-looking task light is a heavyweight when it comes to its environmental performance: 60 percent of material by weight is post-consumer recycled content and more than 90 percent of the materials used are recyclable. The aluminum housing is recyclable and some of the packaging materials of the lamp are made with post-consumer recycled material. There is no wood content and no toxicity emissions during manufacturing or project installation.

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The LEDs last 50,000 hours and consume a total of just 6 watts. For further energy savings, the lamp can also be equipped with an optional occupancy sensor to automatically shut off when not in use. The lamp is designed so that the metal parts, which make up a majority of the product by weight, are mechanically separable to facilitate recovery for recycling at the end of the product's life. All metal parts are made of common metals like aluminum and steel, and can be recycled at typical recycling locations. The remaining parts can be recycled at any electronics recycling collection point.

The judges were impressed with the Equo's design for disassembly, energy savings, aesthetics, as well as its compliance to California Energy Commission Title 20 requirements.