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A Bright Future

By Janet Wiens

Carnegie and Resolute Lighting join forces to create two new lighting lines that reflect the vision of both companies.

Successful companies are innovative, responsible and continually look for new ways to serve their customers.

These keys are at the center of the burgeoning partnership between Carnegie and Resolute Lighting— a partnership that has resulted in the development of two new lighting lines, Prosperity and Smith. The lines marry Carnegie's proven Xorel® fabric with the lighting design creativity of Resolute.

Heather Bush, executive vice president of creative for Carnegie, says that developing a translucent version of Xorel several years ago was an important step toward working with a lighting manufacturer.

"Our clients are very creative, and we noticed that they were wrapping Xorel on panels that were then backlit," Bush says. "We began working on a translucent version of the product in response to the opportunity we identified."

Bush notes that textiles have always been used in lighting, but she believes that Xorel offers a unique language—described as "modern and techy"—that is especially appealing foruse in lighting design. In addition, she says that the beauty of the yarns and weaves, and the line's range of colors translates into numerous design options.

Individuals who are not familiar with the product will likely be impressed with Xorel's breadth and the thought that goes into the woven textile. Company personnel employ a variety of techniques to produce the material in creative ways, including jacquard weaving, embossing, embroidery and graphic printing. These techniques, as well as other approaches yet to be developed, will be incorporated in both the Prosperity and Smith lines.

Both lines take advantage of the complete Xorel collection by offering more than 70 shade color and pattern options. Everything from soft greens and beige to vibrant reds and multiple patterns are available. Customers wanting to be more inventive can also request custom colors with a minimum order of ten units.

Prosperity, an entirely new lighting concept, blends beauty with function. While the line is appropriate for use in any setting, the target markets include hospitals, hospitality and other spaces where traffic is heavy. The light source is totally enclosed, and both the hanging and wall-mounted units feature beautiful light diffusion.

Smith is a conversion of Resolute's David line and has a slightly more modern feel. Available designs include a range of configurations for pendants, sconces, floor and table units. Numerous style options, coupled with a range of Xorel fabrics, means that clients can quickly create a look that is all their own.

Both companies have indicated that the collaboration and initial response to the resulting products has been very positive. Bush credits Remona Teague, vice president of sales for Carnegie, with introducing the leaders of each company more than a year ago. It quickly became apparent that a partnership was a good idea.

"Resolute is a spirited company and our collaboration with them was very natural," Bush says. "Like us, their leadership is very hands on and creative, and the corporate philosophies of our companies are very similar."

All of Resolute's manufacturing is done in the United States, both in Seattle, Wash. and Rockford, Ill. Major component and material suppliers for manufacturing the Prosperity line are located within a 60-mile radius of the factory in Rockford, a former machine tool capital. According to Douglas Varey, Resolute's founder, "Our manufacturing director had lived in the area and believed that there was an opportunity for us to invest in the community while benefitting from market conditions.

Locating our manufacturing in Rockford was a wise decision from both a business and community perspective."

The focus on responsibility that is part of the collaboration is very important, Varney says. "The people at Carnegie seemed very nice when we first met, and that has proven to be true. They share our commitment to sustainability, to giving clients something special and to responsible community stewardship."

Varey adds that Xorel's environmental properties have been very attractive to Resolute. "The shades manufactured from Xorel are Crade to Cradle Silver certified and have achieved Indoor Advantage Gold certification from SCS," he says. "The rings on the lights are stainless steel and do not have a second finish. From an environmental perspective, we feel very good about the products."

With both companies suggesting that even more distinctive products are planned for the future, and that custom work will be an integral component of the partnership moving forward, the future for Carnegie and Resolute looks bright indeed.

Janet Wiens is a freelance writer based in Memphis, TN. She was formerly a marketing manager for HNTB and now works with industry clients to address their marketing and public relations needs. She can be reached at