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WATG’s Mosaic Full-Scale Model to be Unveiled at HD Expo

Radical Innovation in Hospitality winner to demonstrate viability of design at Las Vegas expo


IRVINE, Calif.Destination design firm WATG will be unveiling a visual model of Mosaic, the 2010 Radical Innovation in Hospitality winner, for the first time at the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas this May.

After being awarded the first-place prize in the competition last year, WATG took its winnings of $10,000 to build a full-scale model to capture the intended design aesthetic and show that Mosaic is indeed viable.

“Often times people see a radically innovative concept as just that—a concept. They think it’s going to be unrealistic or too futuristic,” says Krystal Solorzano, the project manager for Mosaic.  “We wanted to show that our concepts are possible for development in the present; that we can take these radical solutions and implement them now.”

An outgrowth of a temporary relief shelter, the global Mosaic brand defines and delivers affordable, pop-up hospitality—prefabricated and portable virtually anywhere. The Mosaic PATHWAY (Portable Adaptable Temporary Hotel With Alternative You-ses) allows governments, developers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, private organizations and charitable aid societies the opportunity to create, design, develop and install structures that are functional, simple and adaptable to numerous situations in almost any geography.

WATG invented Mosaic as entirely flexible, comprised of individually configured modular prisms, outfitted as needed as spas, salons, guestrooms, mini-homes (multiple prisms such as a kitchenette and bedrooms) or tented villas (an addition to a luxury resort at peak season). A visual model of a two-prism Mosaic suite will be unveiled at HD Expo. Grouped together, Mosaic prisms are attached organically to Mosaic hubs that comprise and contain lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges and other amenities.

The Radical Innovation in Hospitality Award is an annual competition founded by The John Hardy Group and co-sponsored by Hospitality Design magazine. After winning the competition at the 2010 HD Expo in Las Vegas, WATG partnered with Huntington Beach, Calif.-based industrial design firm ID Group to begin exploring construction methods for a functional model while simultaneously developing study models for spatial exploration.

With Hospitality Design Expo 2011 quickly approaching, WATG and ID Group have been working on developing a visual model that will be unveiled at this year’s show. Constructed out of an aluminum-framed foam core surfaced with a white semi-gloss fiberglass finish, the full-scale model is expected to ignite conversation about its aesthetics and serve as a learning tool for a future functional model for Mosaic.

About WATG:
WATG has a legacy of environmentally sensitive planning, architecture and design. A hallmark of WATG is its awareness to the influences of the local culture, the natural resources, the people and the spirit of the place. From its offices in Irvine, Seattle, Honolulu, Orlando, Singapore and London, WATG has designed hotels and resorts in 160 countries and territories across six continents. For more information, visit