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S.P. Richards Co. Names HON Company 2010 Furniture Vendor of the Year

2010 is a benchmark year for office furniture leader


HON wins 2010 Furniture Vendor from S.P. Rogers

MUSCATINE, Ia. – S.P. Richards Co., a North American wholesaler of business products, has named The HON Company its 2010 Furniture Vendor of the Year.

HON had set its eye on the prize a year ago when it declared it a mission to step up its sales and marketing initiatives with S.P. Richards. “We’re absolutely thrilled,” says Shelley deSilva, The HON Company’s vice president of marketing.  “This accomplishment speaks not only to our product, but also to our team members’ fierce commitment to S.P. Richards. The past year was a benchmark for us in many respects, and we’re excited to continue the growth with our very valued customer.”

Dennis Arnold, vice president of furniture marketing for S.P. Richards, praised HON for its comprehensive, customer-first thinking. “HON introduced an innovative program last year, in which they dedicated four associates to work with the S.P. Richards community, and made more than 18,000 outbound calls to assist our dealer partners. Collaboration was also a factor. Through joint sales calls, we were able to pool resources and achieve optimal results. HON thought outside the box to make our furniture category different.”